Colors Trenton Makes Rainbow Bridge

Color Me Beautiful – Rainbow!

A rainbow of colors can’t always cover all the hate and ugliness.  But you can color me beautiful with a rainbow of colors anytime.  Especially on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

Rainbow of Beautiful Colors

There is a very famous bridge that goes over the Delaware River from Morrisville, PA to Trenton, NJ.  It’s very close to where Washington made his famous crossing of the Delaware on Christmas Eve years ago. Not the prettiest of bridges, but with rainbow/beautiful color, it’s gorgeous!

With its motto of “Trenton Makes – The World Takes” has earned it the local name of “The Trenton Makes Bridge.”  Its correct name (which I didn’t know until I looked it up for this blog post) is the Lower Trenton Bridge.  They lighted the bridge with rainbow colored lights for this year’s pride.  I’m very proud of the Capital of New Jersey and the Morrisville municipality.

I had another colorful photo show up on Facebook:

Beauty Color Facebook Ad for Haters

With the little tempest from bigots and haters, I searched on “boycott ravelry” on Facebook.  I honestly wanted to see if my designs on Ravelry made the list (they didn’t…I’m much too unimportant). But shortly after the Canning, Homesteading, Survival and Prepping group got suggested!

I’m shocked there wasn’t a tin-foil hat group that showed up.  Just shows how non-mainstream these haters are.

I was also on my back deck enjoying this carpet of flowers.

Rainbow Beautiful Color Deck Petunias

Thaddeus planted these in planters in our front yard and they were beautiful.  But because of sun and the deer population, they didn’t do very well.

You can see how lush they get on our back deck.  Tons of sunshine.  Protected from wildlife.

Finally, I got this package in the mail on Saturday.

Rainbow Color Beautiful The Perfect Purl Box

The contents were two colorways of Dragonfly Fibers’ Djinni yarn.

Dragonfly Djinni Firecracker

Dragonfly Djinni African Daisy

The top one is Firecracker.  A new colorway that is as gorgeous in person as it is on web site.  The second one, also gorgeous, is African Daisy.

I can’t wait to start knitting with this luscious yarn in these luscious colorways!

Current Knitting

As I’d hoped (in last blog entry), I was able to finish the body of the Ensign Farm DK cardigan.

Ensign Brook DK Cardigan 07-01-19 01

The sleeves haven’t been started yet, but I’m hopeful they will move along quickly once begun.

Now that it’s July, I can still be filled with pride and joy for who I am.

3 comments on “Color Me Beautiful – Rainbow!

  1. Your planter is so pretty and your yarn is just so beautiful. The sweater you are doing is turning out great!! What size needles are you using ? You should feel very proud of who you are!!

  2. I didn’t know you were local! (I see you on Y&D all the time) I’m a bit farther south (Burlington Co) but the Trenton Makes bridge is a real landmark and known to (I think) everyone in the state. SO happy to see them light it up in honor of Pride! Yay Trenton – Go You!

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