Blog Manifesting Reality Universal Mirroring

Blog Manifests Reality

Does it ever happen where your life or blog manifests reality? Have you ever expressed something to the Universe and had it come back to you in real life? The immediacy of the Universe’s response is sometimes shocking.

Self-Centered or Universal Mirroring?

Here’s the scenario.  I post a blog entry.

Manifest Reality Memoji Blog Entry Capture

Within hours of posting this, I am rewarded with multiple examples of supportive response from the Universe.

Of course, I get comments and responses on Social Media from blog readers.

But I also start to see signs of what I have written manifest in my World.  Almost immediately, I see this in my local grocery store.

Blog Manifesting Reality Emoji Clips

I doubt these chip-clips are new in my grocery.  But it was the first time I’d noticed them. Not solid evidence of Universal alignment, but an initial indicator perhaps?

Then, it’s pointed out that my bicycling t-shirt for the day looks like a MEMOJI!

Melk Man T-Shirt

The characters hat and beard seem to look a lot like my picking helmet, no?

Perhaps only two examples of echoing ideas coming back to me isn’t extraordinary.  But I did find it noteworthy.

BTW, bonus reader points for anyone that can identify the significance of this t-shirt without googling it.  I had no idea what it was when I bought it.  So, I’ll be interested to know just how recognizable my bike-helmeted doppelgänger is.

Current Knitting

Sleeve knitting on the Ensign Brook DK Cardigan slowed down over the holiday here in the States yesterday.

Ensign Brook DK Cardigan 07-05-19 01

I put in an extra two rows of one of the colors and had to go back to fix it.  Fortunately, I won’t need to be wearing this garment anytime soon.

5 comments on “Blog Manifests Reality

  1. Can I ask where you got the T-shirt? As a White Sox fan, I recognize the image of Melky Cabrera (nicknamed “The Melkman”). He’s no longer with the team, but the Sox give away T-shirts on all home Thursday games. I believe that was one of the shirts. Funny to see outside of Chicago.

    1. Yes! That’s exactly what the t-shirt is! I found this at a local flea market in NJ for $1 and loved the graphic. Thaddeus looked it up to find out who it was. Neither of us are baseball fans not do we know anything about the White Sox.

  2. Melky also played for the Yankees at one point. So that was going to be my guess. I don’t follow baseball enough to know where anybody was/goes before/ after the Yanks.

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