Blessed with color Mesh knitting 07-10-19

Blessed With Color

After repeating the “knitting mantra” enough, I have now been blessed with color…plenty of color!

Blessed With Color Appreciation

I’ve been fortunate to have come into contact with people who have shown me how rich color can be.  From masters of the art, like Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Alice Starmore to folks who aren’t known as well, but have an incredible sense of color.

Most readers know that I mostly appreciate deep, saturated colors.  Selma “the axe murderess” calls them broody colors.

Dragonfly Djinni Firecracker Briyoke Front

But friends like Kathryn Merrick have shown me the delights of Spring-time brights of yellow, orange and acidy green as well.

Gnomespun Sock Yarn Neon Green

I’m still working up an appreciation for pastels.

I’m still really immature at combining colors.  I wish I had an aesthetic that just allowed me to throw colors together in ways I found pleasing.  But those types of experiments rarely turn out looking pleasing when they’re finished.  So, I rely on yarn colorways put together by people I trust, like Dragonfly Fibers or Groovy Hues.  Or as in the case of my Cross Hatch scarves, Cascade.

Overall, I’m grateful to have learned to appreciate most color palettes.  Just looking at my WIPs in the feature photo makes me happy.

Current Knitting

I finished the second Cross Hatch Scarf in Springlike colors and started a new one in more crayon-rainbow colors.

Blessed with color Mesh knitting 07-10-19

I’ve also done some additional work on the micro-Cross Hatch project.

Cross Hatch Tiny 07-10-19 01

Any guesses what it’s trying to be yet?

5 comments on “Blessed With Color

    1. There are two yarns in the post…the scarves are made using a Cascade yarn that is no longer being produced, but still available in some places on-line called Casablanca. The fine cone of lace weight is a recovered silk and acrylic blend (I think) from Darn Good Yarn.

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