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Blessed By The Men’s Knitting Community

For many who know me, you know how much I value the men’s knitting community (or any community of fiber-crazy guys). I take great joy and satisfaction in having helped create and expand this community.

Men’s Knitting Retreat

Don’t get me wrong…I often find myself joyous in the the presences of any knitters/crocheters/weavers/tatters, etc. But finding a group of enthusiastic, like-minded men has been an amazing discovery.  And further helping to bring groups of guys together through the Men’s Knitting Retreats has been one of the greatest joys of my life.

In a couple of short months, 35 guys will again assemble at Easton Mountain in Greenwich, NY. The second North East Men’s Fall Retreat is scheduled from Thursday, September 26th through Sunday, September 29th.

Mens Knitting NEMFKR 2018 - Group

There will be good food. Expert Tables, overseen by experts in various fiber-related subjects.  There will a trip to the Adirondack Fiber Arts Festival (which is right down the mountain from Easton Mountain).

But mostly, there will be true fraternity.  And the joy that it brings.

There are two Men’s Knitting Retreats each year at Easton Mountain now.  One in May and one in September.  The Fall event is a bit smaller (about 10 guys less).  The rooming is a bit less jammed.  And the atmosphere is a bit less structured.

But both events share the same amazing joy of being together.

If you know of any guys who have wanted to attend a Men’s Knitting Retreat, we still have a few spots left (double-room accommodations).  It’s $465 for lodging, food and all activities at the retreat.  They’ll be glad they did.

Current Knitting

Pathetic progress on my two active WIPs.  First, I’m still working on the tediously long strip of ribbing on the micro-mesh silk project on US00 needles.

I got through a full color repeat on the most recent Cross Hatch Scarf as well.

I have been doing a lot of biking and enjoying the Summer days which has kept me from my knitting a bit.

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