A Tall Cool Glass of Espresso Tonic 01

A Tall Cool Glass

We’ve been going through a hot streak where I live lately.  A tall cool glass of anything would be great. With caffeine, even better.

A Tall Cool Glass of Espresso Tonic

Thaddeus comes across some of the most amazing things on the internet.  Lately he found a recipe for an Espresso Tonic.

A tall cool glass Espresso Tonic

Simply enough, it’s iced tonic and a double shot of espresso.  But google recipes for Espresso Tonic and you’ll come up with different versions using anything from cheap tonic water to people who make their own tonic water. It’s shocking how far and wide some people will go to find ingredients to make their own tonic water!

First of all, I think tonic water tastes weird.  When I used to drink, I found that a gin and tonic was only good on the hottest days of summer.  The gin mixed beautiful with the odd twang of tonic water to make a refreshing alcoholic beverage.  At least it did in my long-ago memory.

Which Tonic Water?

Second of all, I had no idea how many different types of tonic water there were available. Holy crap!  And syrups for making your own tonic water!  I’m sure most of these products existing years ago.  But honestly, I only knew about Schweppes and Canada Dry.

Until this past week.

Thaddeus loves doing internet research and he found the most readily available, highly-reviewed tonic water to be Fever Tree Tonic Water.

There are multiple flavors of tonic water just in this brand alone! Cucumber, elderflower, Mediterranean, etc. Jeez!  Who knew?!?!  While Thaddeus read more favorable reviews for Mediterranean flavor in espresso tonics, we couldn’t find that flavor in our grocery store, so we went with Premium Indian Tonic Water.

So, the tonic water by itself is quite tasty and refreshing.  But adding ice and a double-shot of espresso is REALLY good.  And refreshing.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be replacing my morning latte with an Espresso Tonic.  Not even on the hottest days.  But I will be enjoying an afternoon caffeinated and carbonated beverage every once in a while.

Current Knitting

Looks like I’ll be finishing up a few WIPs this week.  The mini-cross-hatch project (recently identified as a jock strap) needed a more stable edge on the outside of the crotch.  So I picked up 60 stitches along the enge and will do a hemmed edging on both sides.

Cross Hatch Tiny Jock Strap

It also looks like I might have just enough tan yarn to finish the Ensign Brook DK Cardigan.

Ensign Brook DK Cardigan

Although I’m not sure.  I have one more tan stripe to go and I still may have to unravel the ribbing on the sleeves and redo them in a different color if I’m short on the tan yarn.  But as you can see, the second sleeve is almost finished.

3 comments on “A Tall Cool Glass

  1. I quite enjoy an infrequent glass of Schweppes tonic water, but people making their own? That’s crazy talk! Don’t they know you can buy that stuff at Walmart? Same store where you can buy socks. Except that I recently started roasting my own coffee—unsatisfied as I apparently am with the available choices in Canada’s coffee capital. Even though this is taking away from my time knitting socks. Must try Espresso Tonic, now!

    1. Heheheh…I considered making my own tonic until I realized the ingredients would take me all over Jabip to find them. Sock yarn, on the other hand, is relatively easy to find.

  2. I was really hoping for a photo of a tall, handsome muscular man! That would have been a really refreshing tall glass of water! If this comment isn’t allowed, please delete. 🙂

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