Hate Definition

Hate In My Heart

When declaring my distaste for Brussel sprouts, or expressing my anger at my siblings, I often heard, “Don’t say ‘hate’, it’s such a strong word.”

How Do You Define Hate?

For me, hate is when I dislike something so much I  want it gone from existence.  In the case of people I “hate,” it means I want to see them dead.

Kind of harsh, I realize.  And perhaps I need professional help for the times I feel hatred toward someone.  But now you know the dark underbelly of QueerJoe.

Perhaps even worse, I have been feeling this way about many in the political arena.  Some politicians and some supporters.

I’ve actually imagined rallies being destroyed by some act of nature.  Or certain people having a bloody, explosive, hemorrhaging stroke while on camera.

Hate Brain Bleed

Again, I recognize how harsh this sounds, but there it is.

And I’m working on my issues of rage.

It was interesting when I retired a few years ago, I started driving my car a lot less. As a result, I stopped having road rage.  It just went away when I stopped being so concerned about beating out the other driver on the road.  The importance of getting ahead just disappeared.  Unfortunately, my retirement allowed me to read and watch way too much political bile.  So my road-rage was replaced with politics rage.

That is my struggle today.  And no amount of knitting, crochet or yarn work ever seems to dissipate the hate.

I’ll finish with one note of hope.

We just filled the North East Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat at Easton Mountain in September, later this year.  35 guys will gather to celebrate all things fiber.  These gatherings are both my sanctuary and my indicator of the opposite of hate.

Current Knitting

As I’d hoped, I did finish one of my two active WIPs.

ross Hatch Tiny 07-26-19 01

The mini Cross Hatch project (aka jockstrap) is now complete and will be sent to hopefully participate in an art installation.  Actually, I have a few more finishing tasks before it’s fully complete, but nothing that would change in a photo.

I also made some progress on the button-band/collar of the Ensign Brook DK Cardigan.

Ensign Brook DK Cardigan 07-26-19 02

Shortly, I’ll need to cut the front steek, and soon enough, I’ll have a nice, warm, wool sweater!

2 comments on “Hate In My Heart

  1. A fantastic topic for a Friday! A chuckle with conviction is always welcome.

    Another full retreat—that makes my day! There is nothing like being able to see someone achieve their dreams— I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. I find myself reading less and then turning to the international press. I despair and cannot live in the shadow. We need to be aware, but we also need to strike a balance, or so I tell myself,

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