Beauty of Nature Washington Crossing NJ 07-19-19

Blessed With the Beauty of Nature

Another reason we are blessed…nature and beauty where we live.  We have a great combination.  Natural beauty all around us and the time to explore and enjoy it.

Last of the “Blessed With” Series

I’ve posted a lot about living in a wonderland of natural beauty.  But recently, we’ve seen the turtles along the canal nesting and laying their eggs.  Being blessed with lush, green canopies of trees in the Summer can’t be beat.  And we get to forage for wild foods, like chanterelle mushrooms!

I’m just going to post a short slide show of the beauty of nature in our area.

Beauty of Nature - Chantarelles 07-19-19 01
Chantarelles 07-19-19 05
Chantarelles 07-19-19 07
Chantarelles 07-19-19 14
Washington Crossing 07-19-19 01
Washington Crossing 07-19-19 02
Washington Crossing 07-19-19 04
Towpath Turtle Eggs 02
Towpath Turtle Eggs 04
Chantarelles 07-19-19 04
Chantarelles 07-19-19 06
Chantarelles 07-19-19 09
Towpath Turtle Eggs 01
Washington Crossing 07-19-19 03
Towpath Turtle Eggs 03
Canal Towpath 07-19-19 01


Current Knitting

Working at a fevered pitch, I finished the Ensign Brook DK Cardigan.  Well, I still have to put buttons on it and block it.

Beauty of Nature Ensign Brook DK Cardigan 07-31-19 01

But overall, I am thrilled with how it came out.  Ensign Brook Farms wool is beautiful and and reminds me of the beauty of nature in a multitude of areas!

3 comments on “Blessed With the Beauty of Nature

  1. I’m (relatively) new to your blog but once I saw the mushrooms – I’m a big fan because I realize that you must really be a fun guy (get it?) I belong to the Connecticut- Westchester Mycology Association (COMA) and they regularly do mushroom walks.

    1. Thaddeus is the mushroom fun guy. But I do go out and forage with him sometimes. He used to be with the NJ Mycological Association for a while but I like COMA better.

  2. I love your positive outlook on life, your mindfulness, your attention to the little things that some overlook, and your humor. Can’t wait to see the sweater blocked and on Thaddeus! It always feels so good to finish a big project and to win at yarn chicken, don’t you think?

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