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Preparing To Retreat

How difficult could it be, preparing to retreat? Pack up a few things and head up to Upstate New York. Just drive up to Easton Mountain with clothes and knitting and kick back and enjoy being with the guys for a long weekend.  Right?

For Most Guy – Preparing To Retreat Is That Easy

But not for me.  In addition to getting name tags and agendas and give-aways ready to go with me, I also need to prepare a couple of “Expert Table” sessions.

The North East Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat is different than the Spring retreat at Easton Mountain in a few ways.  The biggest difference for me is that Aaron is the coordinator for this retreat and I am his assistant.  That makes my preparation a lot easier.  Second, the retreat coincides with the local Adirondack Fiber Arts Festival in Greenwich, NY (right down the mountain from Easton Mountain).  Third, we don’t have workshops at the retreat in the Fall.  Aaron came up with this great idea to set up “Expert Tables.”

Expert Tables

Retreat participants are asked if they can host a table for about 2 hours.  The sessions are informal demonstrations, handouts, individual tutoring and/or hands-on practice with some form of fiber art/craft.  This year, I’ll be hosting two expert tables.  One will be German Short-Rows and German Twisted Cast-On (I may have to bring strudel and wear lederhosen).  The other is Hand Carding and Drum Carding Wool.

For the German, I plan to have a few examples comparing short-row techniques.  I will also demonstrate the German techniques and let anyone try their hand at the techniques as well.  Here’s my short-row sampler so far.

Preparing to Retreat Short Row Sampler

It will look better once it’s blocked.  But the bottom yellow green is just plain short rows.  The second yellow green is wrapped short rows and soon it will have German short rows.

For the carding table, I plan on demonstrating hand-carding fleece into rolags. I will also demonstrating carding using the drum carder and use the drum carder for demonstrating blending colors.  Guys will be able to try their hand at carding rolags themselves.

For both tables, there will be handouts.

So, I have a bit of preparation between now and next month.

Current Knitting/Spinning

I was able to sew on six buttons and block the Ensign Brook DK Cardigan.

Preparing Retreat Preparing Retreat

The buttons (from my stash) worked out perfectly.  They’re kind of a pale sage marbled button.

I also started spinning Tommy’s Preferred Blend again.

Tommys Preferred Spinning 08-02-19

Made a lot of progress.  But still plenty to go before I’m finished.

4 comments on “Preparing To Retreat

  1. “I may have to bring strudel and wear lederhosen.”

    Yes, all germans eat strudel and wear lederhosen… it’s so funny… you try to get over prejudices and you use them as well…

    1. I think you and I define “prejudices” differently. Dressing in a kilt for an Irish Sock Knitting Demonstration, or wearing a beret for a croissant tasting event don’t seem like prejudicial activities to me. Cultural appropriation…perhaps, but I’m not making derogatory judgements by doing something stereotypical.

  2. Oh, Joe, this is a sad commentary on where our society has landed. We are so PC that simple statements like yours above raises the hackles, and I think most of us understood what your intent was. I am so in despair of where we are!

    The sweater is fabulous, by the way! And I wish you would do a Youtube demonstration of your short row techniques. I would certainly benefit from them!

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