Vacation Kayaks at MV Marthas Vineyard

What Is Vacation

Now that I’m retired, I’m not quite sure what term to use for leisurely time away from home.  When I’m no longer working, is it still considered vacation?

Definition Vacation

Define Vacation

First of all, I hate using this word in a blog post.  It invites a shitload of spam.  Gratefully, most of it is caught in filters and automatically eliminated here on WordPress.  But there will be a handful of comments that will await my approval, even though they are spam

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Anyway, today, we’re heading up to Martha’s Vineyard to spend some time with family (Thaddeus’ sister, brother-in-law and niece).

Vacation Sengekontacket Pond 34

I love the ocean, swimming, the sun, good food, spending time with family, biking and kayaking.  We should get in all of that for the next week. My sister-in-law is a very good cook and we hit a lot of the good restaurants up there.  We’ll be staying right on the largest pond on the island and we’ll be renting bicycles.

I can’t wait to be there!

There may not be three blog posts this week, but I’ll see if I can post at least some photos from up there.

But perhaps it will be a vacation from everything!  We’ll see.

Current Knitting

I’ve finished my knitting samples for the “expert table” on German Short Rows I’ll be hosting next month at the North East Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat.

Vacation German Short-Row Sampler

It might be difficult to see in the samples, but German Short Rows really do make stockinette knitting much smoother looking than other short-row methods.

Now I have to work on my samples for German Twisted Cast-On and Tunisian Crochet.

6 comments on “What Is Vacation

  1. Those colors together are beautiful. Your knitting looks perfect! I need to look at YouTube videos on German Short Rows. Sock knitting makes me cringe. I get through the first sock and partway through the second and then give up because I’m bored.

  2. Like the sweater. It looks good!! Be careful of the sharks on Martha’s Vineyard. They’re all over the Cape this summer. I live quite close to the beaches here and there is always warnings going up about them. They have close the beaches off and on during the day here! Take super care!

  3. You could call what you are doing “travelling” or “going on a trip” or even “going on holiday” if you’re feeling British. We also call our vacations with family “family reunions” or “mini family reunions” when it is just a few relatives getting together.

  4. Ah: A vacation. A time to create a vacancy –to create space– for ideas and insights to come in. Though usually when we go on vacation, we plan to fill the time and headspace so fully that there is no vacant space for anything new to come to us.

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