Celebrity Look-Alike Ed Burns

My Celebrity Look-Alike

Recently out with a friend and former co-worker and his family.  His son thought I looked like Sean Hayes.  I realized I didn’t have a celebrity look-alike until then!

Celebrity Look-Alike Sean Hayes

Who Is Your Celebrity Look-Alike?

When my friend’s son said this, I told him I probably acted like Sean Hayes character, Jack, but probably didn’t look too much like him.  But I can see it now that I put myself side-by-side.

And I am never told that I look like someone famous.  So I was quite pleased with this comparison.

Then I went to one of those on-line photo-comparison apps (probably a Russian troll trap…but I didn’t care).  It gave me five different famous people I looked like and the first one was what they called a 77% match.

Celebrity Look-Alike John Kasich

Unfortunately, I could see what they meant here too.  Even thought John Kasich is 7 years older than I am.

But I was excited to see that the second choice (22% match) was Ed Burns.  I think it’s wishful thinking, but I can kind of see that too.

Do you always get told you look like someone famous? Do you NEVER get told you look like someone famous?  I’d be interested to find out your story.

Current Knitting

I’ve been kind of a slacker with knitting since I returned home on Tuesday.  Plus, Finn has demanded a lot of attention since he missed out on a whole week of petting, brushing and loving from me.

Finn 04-10-19 Finn 04-10-19 02

But I did get a bit more work done on my latest Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf.

Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf 08-16-19 02

Love the colors in these two colorways of yarn, but I miss the vibrancy of deeper, richer, brighter colors that I usually make with this design (please note, Finn appears in this last photo as well…I can’t even blog without him inserting a paw).

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  1. I never get told I look like anyone famous, but I often run into people who think they know me, though they’re not sure from where, so I guess I have that kind of face.

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