Plying Tommys Preferred Spinning 08-25-19

A Plying Time

Last week I wrote about knitters persisting despite how much goes into it.  The same is even more true for spinning and plying yarn.  Today is the culmination of a months-long project spinning up a gorgeous blend of fibers from Tommy and the Minnesota Woolen Mill.

Plying Tommy’s Preferred Blend

For those who followed my progress on spinning this glorious fiber, I was able to finish plying the singles into a wonderful yarn.  So I settled in to ply it up.  Fortunately this process goes a lot faster than spinning singles.

You’ll notice I’m wearing the socks I made using the first batch of Tommy’s yarn!  Even at the faster pace, I wouldn’t want to put anyone through the fiber-equivalent of watching paint dry.  So I time-lapsed the rest of the plying.

After all was said and done, I ended up with a little over 200 grams of yarn, measuring approximately 840 yards.  It’s similar to the first batch of yarn I made with Tommy’s yarn.  Equates to a fingering weight yarn or slightly lighter.  This weight worked extremely well in my antique sock knitting machine, so I hope it will again with this yarn.

Plying Tommys Preferred Spinning 08-25-19 02

The resulting yarn is more tightly plied than the first batch.  It is therefore much more balanced (the singles twist is offset more equally than the plied twist).  I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this turned out.

Current Knitting

The See Grass Shawl is still moving along.  Though with all the plying (and editing of time-lapse movies), it doesn’t look like much progress.

See Grass Shawl 08-28-19 01

It’s at about 12″ so far, so I’m more than halfway through!  But still a while to go.

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