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Can Men Wear Sparkly Yarn?

If you look closely at my latest Biased Scarf project, the newest yarn I’ve introduced is a sparkly yarn (with sparkly fiber spun in (known as Angelina for those who spin and want to add sparkle to your yarn).  The colors of the yarn are darker and rich, so a lot of guys have liked the colorway.

Sparkly Yarn - Angelina

Will Guys Like Sparkle?

So, I have another confession that risks having my gay card revoked.  Or at least my “woke card.”  I don’t like the look of guys wearing nail polish.  I don’t like it on their toes or on their fingernails.  To me, it looks garish and silly.  I don’t even like a clear, shiny top coat.

Don’t get me wrong…I love getting pedicures.  I love having soft, callous-free heels and toes and I love looking well-groomed.  Especially during sandal season.  But when I see a guy in yoga or in a photo where he’s knitting and his nails are deep blue, I find it jarring and not at all appealing.

However, when it comes to sparkly in my knitwear, I think that’s completely appropriate. It’s hard to capture sparkles in a photo of knitwear, but you can see it a little in the closer photo above.

Sparkly Yarn Scrappy Biased Scarf 09-06-19 01

The latest Scrappy Biased Scarf project will be up for sale at my Craft Show table in November and December (if I get accepted).  So I’ll be interested if buyers will look at this scarf as a gift for a man.

Current Knitting

Other than the minimal progress you see on the Scrappy Biased Scarf above, I have made slightly more progress on the See Grass Shawl.

See Grass Shawl 09-06-19 01

I know this looks like that last few progress photos, but…

See Grass Shawl 09-06-19 01

You’ll note I’ve exceeded the 20″ length!

Some folks have asked me for both the pattern and the yarn for this project.  I posted the pattern back a few blog posts ago, but I’ll repost it here again:

I’ll probably write up the pattern for this shawl and post it to Ravelry for free…mostly because I know I’ll get a lot of people asking for it so they don’t have to do the math.

Here are the basics:

US4 (3.5mm) needles

Light Fingering Weight Yarn

Cast on 304 sts

Row 1: SL1 with yarn in front, K1,  (Sl1 with yarn in back, K1, PSSO, YO twice, K2tog) 78 times to last two sts. K1, K1 TBL

Row 2: Sl1, P1, (P2, K1, P1) 78 times to last two sts, P2

Note: On row 2, you’ll be working 2 sts into double yarn-over…the first one is a P st, the second one is a K st.  Most instructions will tell you to K into the back of the loop on the second one…I don’t do that and it gives a much flatter, twisted ladder in between the columns.

The yarn is a cone of silk and cashmere yarn I don’t even know when and where I bought it, but here is the information label.

See Grass Shawl Yarn Label

I must have ordered this on-line at one point, but I don’t see it listed on the website for Knit Knack.  Let me know if anyone contacts her and it’s available.

4 comments on “Can Men Wear Sparkly Yarn?

  1. OK…I’ll weigh-in on the sparkle yarn for guys….No, no, no! It’s just wrong for a guy to wear sparkle-glitter yarns. Being well groomed both on your hands and feet looks great on a guy but no polish is needed. With that said, I think it’s up to everyone to choose what they want to do and how they best want to present themselves to the world. It may not be my preference but if you love it, wear it well!!!!

  2. Well, you intend to sell that scarf…yes? I mean I know you stockpile knits and then sell at one or two venues, so wouldn’t the decision as to a guy liking sparkles in his knit be upto him? (The buyer) And if it doesn’t show up in the photos (and I can’t see it that well) I don’t think the sparkle is too much for anyone. Angelina can be very subtle. 🙂

  3. I’m a woman, and I think a little sparkle is fine for a man — it looks good on anyone, I think. Like earrings, it’s a bit of shine that casts light on the face. I also agree with you on garish nail polish. Whatever the sex of the wearer, it’s unappealing to me

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