GSSBAF 2019 - 03

NJ Sheep & Wool AND Men’s Knitting Retreat Openings!

Combined for the first time in one post, a sheep & wool festival, Hayes, and two spots in the upcoming Men’s Knitting Retreat!  A rare combination.

Sheep & Wool

It has become an annual tradition for the past few years that Hayes comes to my area of the world.  We attend the NJ Sheep & Wool festival (technically it’s the Garden State Sheep Breeders Sheep & Fiber Festival).  We look at sheep.  Then we buy wool and wool-related items.  Finally we go somewhere local for lunch.

But mostly, we gab.  Hayes and I have advanced degrees in gabbing.

Sheep and Wool GSSBAF 2019 - Hayes and Joe

There are some people who make me smile just at the thought of them.  Hayes is one of those people. If you know him only virtually, he’s even better in person.

Here are some of the sheep we saw:

Sheep and Wool GSSBAF 2019 - 07
GSSBAF 2019 - 06
GSSBAF 2019 - 02
GSSBAF 2019 - 05


Here is what I purchased:

Sheep and Wool GSSBAF 2019 - Yarn Kits Sweitzer's Fiber Mill
Yarn Kits from Sweitzer’s Fiber Mill – They had a Baby Surprise Jacket knitted with these neon colors and they were a local wool mill, so I had to have them.
Sheep and Wool GSSBAF 2019 - Yarn Kits Sweitzer's Fiber Mill
One pound of Romney fleece from a local sheep breeder (I needed it for a handcarding demonstration I’m doing later this month).

Men’s Knitting Retreat

We had two last-minute cancellations for the September 26th-29th Men’s Knitting Retreat at Easton Mountain.  If  you know any guy or guys who would like to attend, send them our way.

NEMFKR 2018 - Chris Jeff Han Kirk

Current Knitting

Finally, I’ve failed at my goal of trying to finish the See Grass Shawl, so I’ve tried to gussy up the photos by including pretty petunias.

See Grass Shawl 09-09-19 01

I also did no additional knitting on the Scrappy Biased Scarf project.  In my lame defense, Hayes is quite gabby

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