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Fear of Heights

Thinking about the Twin Towers today, it’s surprising to me that in my 100 Things About Me list, I never mentioned I have a fear of heights.  For some reason, it never made it to the 100 More Things About Me list either.

Fear of Heights Inconsistencies

Two things I can think of are incongruous to my acrophobia.

The first is that I got my pilot’s license a number of years ago. For some reason being that high off the ground doesn’t cause me to be afraid.  Except when I had to do something called a “steep left turn.”  Since a plane is piloted from the left side (like a car in the U.S.), anytime a steep left turn was made, the ground seemed uncomfortably close.  I needed to force myself to bank the plane that hard on my left.  But steep right turns I could do without any fear because it didn’t seem likely I’d fall out the right side of the plane.

The second inconsistency was related to the feature photo above.  That’s not my photo, but it is a photo of something I did.  In Toronto, there’s a “space needle” building called the CN Tower.

fear of heights cn tower toronto

At the bottom of the wider portion toward the top, there is a glass floor that you can walk on.  With nothing between you and the ground except a clear floor.

It was truly terrifying for me, but I finally forced myself to walk out onto this clear floor.  The whole time, I envisioned the entire building was tipping over and I would soon be crashing to my death.

No, I do NOT like heights.

Current Knitting

So…I have been terribly distracted lately with a knitting-related project that just isn’t ready to reveal yet.  But it has taken time away from my knitting.  Knowing I wouldn’t finish the See Grass Shawl, I opted to work on the Scrappy Biased Scarf to show at least some progress in my knitting.

Scrappy Biased Scarf 09-11-19 01

Clearly, I haven’t finished this project either, but at least I added a few inches that are noticeable.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

About the sparkly yarn in the a previous blog entry, Ted asks:

“What brand of yarn has Angelina in it, please?

Or, what’s the name of the sparkly yarn you’re working with?”

I’m not sure, but I think it’s some of the leftover fingering weight yarn from Plymouth that I was making tubular cowls out of.  The yarn is called Nako Arya Ebruli Sim (Glitz).

2 comments on “Fear of Heights

  1. I’ve finally figured out that I don’t really have “fear of heights” but more like “fear of falling”. Sitting on a horse is quite scary for me, but looking from of a balcony (with a railing) doesn’t.

  2. When I look down upon great heights, my brain sends pain signals to my shins. I don’t know if that’s acrophobia, but clearly some part of me wants it to be known that jumping/falling could be deleterious to my lower extremities.

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