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A Knitter’s Bucket List

The idea of a Bucket List has never appealed to me very much. Mostly, I don’t want a finite list of must-do items that I could complete and be ready to die afterwards.  But as a knitter, is there anything you would love to accomplish that you haven’t already?

My Knitter’s Bucket List

Over the years, there have been a few things I’ve yearned to do.  Most of them, I impetuously just did.

Yes, years ago, there was a Starmore Fair Isle Cardigan design called Marina.  The pattern was published in a long out-of-print booklet called The Scottish Collection.  I always dreamed I’d find a copy of this at the flea market or in a used book store.  But it’s not likely. I honestly don’t even like the cardigan (or any other designs in the booklet).

There was also a beautiful lace shawl that was published in a limited edition that I wanted to make.  I don’t even remember the name anymore.  But I feel this desire has been satisfied with all the Niebling work I did.

Finally, I was thinking that I’ve never made a Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, so I’ve decided to remedy that.

Baby Surprise Jacket 09-15-19 01

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never really thought she was a great knitwear designer, but this should be something every knitter tries at least once…no?

Which brings me to another project that has been taking up a LOT of my time the last few weeks.

Knitting Skills Competency Survey

A number of times over the years, I’ve looked for a comprehensive list of knitting skills, resources and/or accomplishments that could be used as a checklist of accomplishments.  The Knitter’s Life List is the closest I’ve found.  But it’s got two major flaws as far as I’m concerned.  It’s not virtual (so any links or references aren’t easily clickable).  And it’s organized kind of weirdly (in my opinion).

So I’ve created an online Knitting Skills Proficiency Evaluator Tool.

  • The tool asks that you evaluate almost 200 different skills, resources, techniques to assess your proficiency.
  • It will spit out an overall proficiency rating at the end of the survey, and give you the option of requesting a detailed analysis and skills gap report (kind of like a possible bucket list, no?)
  • Once there are 100 or more responses (comparing your proficiency to some averages), I can start sending out the detail analysis reports.

Fill out the survey and get your results here: https://mensknittingretreat.com/knitting-skills-proficiency-evaluator-tool/

Current Knitting

In addition to the Baby Surprise Jacket, I’m also working on two other WIPs.  I’ve made some progress on the Scrappy Biased Scarf since I finished the See Grass Shawl last week.

Scrappy Biased Scarf 09-15-19 01

It’s currently up to 30 inches, which will need to grow to at least 60 inches before I finish it.

I also started a new Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf.

Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf 09-15-19 01

I was a bit worried about the two colorways of yarn, but I’m really liking how this one is turning out.


8 comments on “A Knitter’s Bucket List

  1. I remember so well, all of those beautiful Niebling lace projects you posted on “Men Who Knit”. You were an inspiration.

    1. Thanks Ron. I don’t mean to minimize all of the work knitters do when they knit Niebling designs, but I have to admit, they weren’t that difficult to do. Daunting to consider, and a bit of a learning curve to understand the chart symbols, but they are fun to make.

        1. Hi Julie. If you’re logged in and go to the page and refresh the page through your browser, and it still doesn’t show up the survey still shows as no permission to view, then I’m not sure what I can do to help except if you really want to try something you could clear your cache and try that the same steps again. I’m sorry for all the glitches in my webpage.

  2. Hahaha, of course you did! Before I go see what I can challenge myself to learn…

    You’re right. Everyone should make a Baby Surprise at least once. It’s a significant piece of knitting history and a bit of 2D into 3d origami that everyone really ought to experience once. That being said: I’ve knit a lot of these. Parent needs an easy jacket coat that can either withstand the dirt of kids and regular use (wool) or make regular trips through the washing machine—thus, the near perfect gift. I try to class mine up a bit with vintage button, sometimes more successfully than others.

    The history piece to remember is that this little garment was published around 1972. No ravelry, no craft council pattern standards just a lovely lady with needles, wool and a need.

    I would be interested to see a list of 20 designers worth knitting—a general list, a men’s designs list and a woman’s designs list.

  3. I’ve seen the surprise baby jacket on several blogs and love the look. I just wish there was a crochet version. Knitting is not my thing, but I love to see the work of others, especially yours!

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