I Love Ravelry

I Love Ravelry

The latest goings-on at Ravelry have really pleased me.  Mostly, it was their rejection of hate. There was a lot of blowback, but they just said “no” to all of it. Steadfast rejection of hate is the only way.  That’s mostly why I love Ravelry.

I Love Ravelry Even Though They Failed Me!

Or so I thought.  So here are the things I love about Ravelry (other than their stance against hate):

  1. I store my entire library of knitting books and magazines on Ravelry
  2. Their yarn database is amazingly useful linking directly to places to buy if you want it
  3. The search function on their patterns is fantastic and incredibly complete
  4. Selling my own patterns has never been easier
  5. I can track projects on the site (which I haven’t done all that much in the last few years)
  6. Their forums are one more place I can communicate with the guys who go to the Men’s Knitting Retreats

So here’s where I thought they failed me.  And I apologize, but I will be using acronyms today – BSJ = Baby Surprise Jacket and EZ = Elizabeth Zimmermann.

I bought some yarn and decided to use it to make a BSJ.  I own two Elizabeth Zimmermann books (Knitters Almanac and The Opinionated Knitter) and a bunch of magazines.  So I did a search of the Pattern database for the BSJ pattern, filtering on “In My Library” as a search criteria.

Ravelry Search without BSJ

You’ll note that the Adult Surprise Jacket is in one of my Knitter’s Magazines, but no BSJ.  I was bummed to have to buy a pattern that I really should have in my vast library.

I’m looking for the cheapest way to obtain the pattern, and realize that someone thinks that the BSJ pattern is in The Opinionated Knitter.  Which I own! So I look and sure enough, it’s on page 102.  Good news is that I own the pattern.  Yay!  Bad news is the Ravelry database has let me down for the first time ever.

So I decide to try and see if I can have their database updated to include this pattern as available in The Opinionated Knitter, and I realize it already is!  I check my library and shamefacedly realize I never added this book to my library!

After adding the book, I check the search again, and lo and behold, the BSJ is a pattern I now officially own!

So Ravelry didn’t really let me down after all.  It was my error.

I’m back to “I Love Ravelry” again!

Current Knitting

I ended up finishing knitting my first BSJ.

Baby Surprise Jacket 09-18-19 01

It’s tradition to show this blob of knitting and then the origamic transformation to a proper baby jacket.

Baby Surprise Jacket 09-18-19 02

I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Her pattern is amazingly good for being typed on a manual typewriter and having so many changes in number of stitches.

Lisa G commented about the BSJ in my last blog entry:

The history piece to remember is that this little garment was published around 1972. No ravelry, no craft council pattern standards just a lovely lady with needles, wool and a need.

She is so right.  I would note that this pattern requires some ability to figure things out by yourself.  But there are tons of video tutorials on the garment that help.

One final bonus is that I found a set of 12 vintage buttons that are perfect for finishing this jacket.

Baby Surprise Jacket 09-18-19 03

I did some additional work on the two other WIPs, but I’ll show you that in my next blog entry.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Donna Finnell writes about the BSJ as well:

I’ve seen the surprise baby jacket on several blogs and love the look. I just wish there was a crochet version. Knitting is not my thing, but I love to see the work of others, especially yours!

Here’s where Ravelry comes to the rescue again!

Ravelry Search BSJ Crochet

You can filter patterns on “Craft” to get crochet-only patterns.  It looks like there are a couple of BSJ-like patterns in crochet!

7 comments on “I Love Ravelry

  1. Thanks, Joe! I also use Ravelry to store my patterns, but never thought to search there for a crochet version. I’ll be a new aunt soon and this will be
    a perfect gift.

  2. The BSJ is such an incredible pattern. The first one I knitted took my breath away when I folded it into that lovely and perfect jacket.

  3. Their stance is against hate as long as they agree. But they have no problem with people denigrating and trashing republicans and conservatives who they dislike. Major hypocrisy on their part.

    1. Not exactly…their stance is against the racism that the POS POTUS represents and their stance basically says that if you support Hair Füror, then you support bigotry. And watching all of these lap dog Republicans and you can still call out hypocrisy on someone else? That’s rich.

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