In Over My Head

Over My Head and Overwhelmed

Three active WIPs, two craft shows coming up fast and leaving on Tuesday for the Men’s Knitting Retreat next week.  Creating a complex web survey during all that?  Who thought that was a good idea?  I had a bit of a panicky moment today when I realized I was in a bit over my head.

Technically Over My Head

I’ve gotten pretty good at creating rather complex web forms.  For instance, I create registration forms for the Men’s Knitting Retreats.  They include somewhat complex conditional logic.  They also do calculations behind-the-scenes to pass registration fees over to PayPal for payment.

But the latest Knitting Skills Proficiency Tool I created has gone past my limits.  Not only is it huge and complex, but it also requires interfacing into logged-in user-id functionality.  So if you’ve tried multiple times to take the proficiency survey…thank you for struggling through.  Once we have 100  respondents, I will be generating detailed reports that provide total scores, comparing the respondent with all other respondents. It will also include a proposed training regimen to expand knitting mastery (if someone wants to).

It will look something like this:

Over My Head - Detailed Report Knitting Proficiency

Despite my lack of technical skills, I’m still loving the process.

Current Knitting

There are three active WIPs on my plate, but today I’m only showing one of them.

Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf 09-20-19 01

The latest Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf is almost finished.  The colors are odd and seemingly wrong, but I love the overall look of the scarf.  This seems to happen a lot with this design.  I’ll choose two yarns that really shouldn’t work together, and they just seem to work even better than if I careful plan the mixing of colors.

The other two WIPs are the Scrappy Biased Scarf and the second Baby Surprise Jacket.  Can’t wait to show you both on Monday!

4 comments on “Over My Head and Overwhelmed

  1. Would love to take your survey and registered but I am not allowed to see the form. Have knit off and on for many years but would love to see how I rate on your form and what I should try next. That is the fun of knitting — there is always something more to learn.

    1. Hi Sandra…this is caused my my lack of technical skills unfortunately! Most people have found that if they log in, and go to the survey page, if they get the message that they don’t have permission to view the form, all they have to do is refresh the page, and the survey will appear.

      Sorry for the problems with the web page.

  2. This comment applies to the entire blog really. I am very pleased that I just now discovered your Blog. I am a woman on a mission as it were to encourage men to take up knitting and crochet. I know the history of the crafts and have always felt all men of a mind to, should discover the pleasure and peace knitting brings with accomplishing tricky patterns and the finished product. The certain knowledge that receivers of the gifts generated by the knitter/crocheter will be pleased to have hand made items of good use is a satisfying feeling indeed. I’ve sent some people to websites dedicated to teaching for free how to knit/crochet and encouraged them to let men in on the pleasures too.

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