Descending The Mountain

Descending from the Mountain (Easton Mountain), I’m still glowing from my time there.  And hopefully he’ll get a better reception than Moses did on his first descent down to his people.

Descending The Mountain From Another Men’s Knitting Retreat

You know how sometimes profound experiences can somewhat fleeting…hard to keep hold of?  The intense community and joy of the retreats is sometimes like that for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I remember all too vividly how joyous being with this incredible community of guys can be.  But as time goes on, I realize I can’t hold onto it fully.  So, it requires that I refresh the experience whenever I can.  It demands that I recall and re-create my experience at least twice a year.

And I am a better man for it.

I won’t put you through all the pain of a “what I did at the Men’s Knitting Retreat” photo shoot again, so feel free to spend 3 minutes or so trying to get a feel of what the event was like.

The first night of the event I looked around and worried about…well, everything.  I worried that some might be displeased by their lodging.  Or their roommate.  I worried that the food wouldn’t be as good this year.  I worried I wouldn’t get to connect with each guy in a meaningful way.

But there was no need.  In no time, the guys had coalesced into this amazingly cohesive and connected men.  Each one wanted nothing but the event to be amazing.  All the rest of the stuff became irrelevant, but it was all as good or better than past retreats.

And it was.

Current Knitting

I actually got some knitting and crocheting done at the the retreat this year.  But it’s not unpacked and/or photographed yet.  I also sewed the buttons on the two Baby Surprise Jackets and they turned out beautifully.  Photos to come.

Next blog post!

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