QueerJoe Quiz - mystery booklet

QueerJoe Quiz

Today’s QueerJoe Quiz.  Does anyone recognize what this is in the photo?  I realized when looking through Wendy’s knitting blog that there hasn’t been a  QueerJoe quiz for a long time.  I also realized that Wendy (of WendyKnits.net) used my self-centered quiz idea years ago too.  I can’t blame her, the idea was a lot of fun.

Some Clues to the QueerJoe Quiz

If you don’t know immediately what this is, it could be for some of the following reasons:

  • You were born in the 1970’s or later
  • While born earlier, perhaps you were very resistant to change
  • You’re neither of those things, but you went unconscious about the whole event
  • This little booklet has two titles and they’re both almost as big as the booklet

By recognizing what is embossed on the cover, you could possibly google this to find out what it is.

I had one of these in the past, but this one is Thaddeus’…I can tell by the printing date.

It’ part of what I consider to be the event the most impacted who I am today.

If you know immediately what it is, let me know your thoughts and experiences after all this time.

And if you don’t know, I’d be interested to read your guesses, thoughts, or additional questions that might help you guess better.

Current Knitting

I meant to mention that the VERY bright yarn I used to make the second Baby Surprise Jacket was from Sweitzer’s Fiber Mill (local Pennsylvania spinning mill).  It came as a little kit of DK weight yarns dyed by them.

Sweitzers Fiber Mill Yarns

There will be another couple of Baby Surprise Jackets made between now and my first craft show.  I also was able to finish sewing buttons on the first two jackets and also wove in all the ends on the See Grass Shawl in time to “show and tell” them at the retreat last week.

QueerJoe Quiz - See Grass Shawl and Baby Suprise Jackets Finished 09-30-19

Also, on my last day home before the retreat, I went to Twist Knitting & Spinning to pick up the Rowan Felted Tweed they ordered so I could make Jens.  I also got my copy of the Arne & Carlos Nordic Men’s Collection booklet by Rowan.

Rowan Nordic Men's Collection and Felted Tweed 10-02-19

This is a definite must-have in a guy-knitter’s library.  I was surprised my local yarn store hadn’t heard about it.  A lot of guys at the retreat said the same thing…that they had to get their LYS to order it for them.

Here’s my progress so far on Jens.

Jens 10-02-19 02

For all intents and purposes, I’ve just finished the ribbing for the back of the sweater.  It’s knit flat and it’s both knits and purls for a textured star.  I’m hoping I get a bit more efficient at doing this color work as I progress on this project.

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