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Bucks County Art Impressions

Many of the local readers of QueerJoe know that I live in a very artsy, river-town.  Known for the Bucks County School of Impressionism.  Bucks County art includes artists like Fern Coppedge, Edward Redfield and William Lathrop all painted beautiful paintings of a very beautiful part of the country.

Local Bucks County Art

The featured photo today is one of the many random pieces of outdoor art.  I call it Silently Screaming Tree.  We see it often on our bicycle rides on the Delaware River canal towpath.  The eyes are actually ceramic discs used for some power line/electrical use.  This piece seemed particularly perfect for the Halloween season.

When we first bought our home over 30 years ago, our friend Nora was very connected to the local art world.  Nora’s father was well-known locally as both an artist and along with Nora’s mom. They were all very supportive of local artists.  Also, they were all very good at identifying emerging artists.

Thaddeus made this great decision 30-some-odd years ago…that we would only buy art for our home from local artists.

Over the years, we collected pieces from artists such as Annalies van Dommelen, Jane Gilday, Michael Lewis, Vincent Ceglia, Rose Wilson, Danny Gayder, Peter Petraglia, Richard Zinn, Jay McPhillips, Paul Matthews and Wayne Cunningham.

One other rule about buying art, was that it had to bring joy.  We never bought a piece because we thought it might grow in value, or because it was by an important emerging artist unless we really loved the piece and wanted to hang it in our home.

Current Knitting

Believe it or not, I finally pushed myself to finish the first 40-row repeat on the Jens turtleneck pullover.

Jens 10-09-19 01

The “purl bumps” might offend some folks, but when this fabric is blocked, I think it’s going to be spectacular.

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