Manly Colors Gray and Blue Hats On Heads

Manly Colors – Men Should Only Wear Black, Gray and Navy

At least the men without any vision of how color can make them look awesome! Manly colors should be any colors that make guys look fantastic.

Expanding Manly Colors

For years, knitters have complained that their non-knitting, male loved ones would only wear black, gray or navy.  And truth be told, there are many women who only want to buy items in black or charcoal for themselves.

My first thought is…”Good, that leaves more awesome colors for me to wear!”

With an approaching craft show coming up in a couple of weeks, I’m realizing that there will be many buyers looking for a gift for their man. And they will want to get them vibrant colored garments.  But they won’t.

I make some concessions in what I offer at craft shows.

There will be items like the two hats above. Boring, simple and in colors that won’t offend the visionless.

But I draw the line at making anything in solid black.  Even Alice Starmore wouldn’t use black in her Fair Isle designs.  She’d go as dark as “midnight blue” in her designs.

Again, it’s fortunate I don’t have to design to make a living.  Purple and brown are two of the least favorite colors for all people surveyed. But that would never stop me from making items in those colors.

It’s also fortunate that people like my knitted designs.  Even when it forces them to go beyond their restricted ideas about color.

So, I stand firm and offer a bright and varied color palette on my craft show tables.  It’s just one other way I try to infuse the unexpected into peoples’ lives.

Current Knitting

I still have to do an inventory of what I have to offer at my first craft show in two weeks.  But I figured I can also use a few more hats.  So I’ve been working on hats the last two days.

Craft Show Hats

Inventory will take place shortly, but I will probably end up making a few more hats so I have a lot to choose from.  And the rest of them will look more like the colorful one than the other two.

1 comment on “Manly Colors – Men Should Only Wear Black, Gray and Navy

  1. I blame quilting and the European knitters of the 80s and 90s! Color can fill people up!

    Wearing color takes courage.

    I think as creatives we will always be on the fence between color nirvana and the business of knitting. I greatly appreciate being able to watch someone else navigate through it.

    Socks and BSJs in delicious brights. Rich heels and toes. A few art pieces. Everything else for the masses. Can you bring your knitter’s heart with awesome fibers/blends in tame colors?

    Perhaps Kate at Dragonfly fibers has some navy and brown that won’t by too painful. 🙂

    Thinking of you this weekend at the show, I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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