Lambertville Halloween House 2019 04

Halloween Locally – Lambertville New Jersey

Across the Delaware River from New Hope, is the city of Lambertville, NJ.  They take halloween SERIOUSLY! Don’t even consider driving through Lambertville on Halloween. It’s worse than their annual Shad Fest…which celebrates the running of the nastiest fish ever eaten.

Lambertville Halloween Festivities

Each year, this beautiful city goes full out.  Neighbors compete to out-do each other with house decorations.  There is also a 75 year old tradition of a Halloween costume parade and costume judging.  Each year, the local animal rescue hosts a Pet Masquerade (which is where Tucker wore my knitwear last year).

Eric and Ensign Tucker of Starfleet

But each year, there’s a house on South Union Street that is AMAZING.

I took these photos in the day, but at night, it’s all glowing with blacklight displays.  This local news video gives a better sense about how awesome it is.

I love the area where I live…it’s beautiful and the community is fantastic.  But I rarely encourage people to visit.

Except for this!

Any night in October, you should head past this house in Lambertville and you won’t be sorry.  I think the side-alley booths are new this year, and they are incredible.

Current Knitting

Inventory and pricing, tagging and storing garments for my craft show next weekend in Flemington took a good bit of my knitting time since Wednesday.

Inventory Craft Show 10-25-19

Fortunately, it looks like I have enough product for the upcoming show except for hats!  So I banged out two more hats since Wednesday’s blog.

Craft Show Hats 10-25-19

I’m hopeful to make another 8 hats between now and next weekend.  Kind of boring production knitting, but fortunately I get to work with incredible colors and nice yarns.

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