Flemington Craft Show 2019

Craft Show Results

Not sure how my first craft show of 2019 would go (I only sell at two different shows each year).  I figured with the arctic weather coming in the day before the show, I might do well.  Cold weather both reminds potential buyers that the December holidays are near and that knitwear might be a good gift.

Craft Show Expectations Met

Each show I’ve done, I have a minimum expectation for what I’d consider a successful show. And this one met those expectations.

The Flemington Fine Artisans Show has the following characteristics:

  • The show is a one-day show from 10:00 to 4:00 – so only 7 hours of showing
  • It’s a juried show which means the organizers are selective about the vendors who get into the show
  • The cost is about a $100 (I don’t remember and couldn’t find my paperwork) for a 10 foot booth space
  • It takes place in a busy shopping area with a lot of both destination traffic and impromptu attendees

I ended up bringing about 100 items to sell.  I sold about 20 items at an average of about $45 per item.

Selling about 3 items per hour doesn’t sound like a very hectic time.  But it’s never spread out evenly.  And for every sale, there are a lot of customers who don’t purchase something, but require attention.

But the best thing was when Hayes and Steve showed up from Philadelphia!  I honestly didn’t have much time to spend with them.  But I felt incredibly supported by them.

After all is said and done there is really only one criteria for success.  Answering the question, “Will I do this show next year?”  And the answer is definitely yes.

Current Knitting

I do very little knitting at Craft Shows.  Personally, I think vendors should pay attention and not be distracted.  I can’t tell you how many tables I pass by because the person is on their smartphone, or more interested in eating than selling.

However, I did start a second Garter Striped Stole on Saturday  (similar to the white and variegated one I started last week).  I even made a bit of progress.

Garter Striped Scarves 11-02-19 02

The black and blue striped one is similar to one I had in inventory already and thought it would be popular.

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