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Anniversaries Abound

This week, we celebrate two different anniversaries.  Tomorrow, 17 years ago, I posted my first blog entry for QueerJoe.  Also, this Friday, Thaddeus and I celebrate 36 years together and 6 years legally married.

Happy Week of Anniversaries

Blogiversaries are always a nice time to recognize how long I’ve been writing this blog.  Life Partner/Wedding anniversaries are always a great time to look back at all we’ve done and become.

Blog Anniversary

It’s been an amazing 17 years of knitting and writing about LGBTQ and personal issues. I have responded often to e-mails about the blog that I LOVE writing the blog.  And even if no one read the blog, I would still publish it.  The fact that readers find it useful is fantastic icing on an awesome cake.  Here is a brief summary of QueerJoe:

  • First year blogging – 2002 (11/11/2002)
  • 17 years blogging
  • 2,149 blog entries (including this one)
  • 3,576 reader comments (thank you all for participating all these years)
  • 7,376 photos/videos/screen captures
  • Completely lost track of total hits, unique visitors and page views, but it’s a LOT!

Thank you to all the followers of QueerJoe.  Both long-time loyal readers and people who have newly found a home here…thank you!

Wedding Anniversary

Thaddeus and I met in 1983 at a gay disco in New Hope, PA.  The same town where we have called home for the last 31 years. 30 years after our meeting, we crossed the Delaware River to Lambertville, NJ to get legally married.

The gay disco now houses my local bank and also a cosmetic dermatology office. And now, despite attempts by this POS POTUS, our marriage is legal in every State in the United States. Marriage benefits, pension rights and adoption privileges have been whittled away as much as homophobic politicians like VP, Mike Penis can get away with, but today, we’re still legally married.

This Friday, will mark our 36 anniversary of being life partners.  It will also be our 6th wedding anniversary. As much as Thaddeus dislikes having his photo posted, I’m taking my anniversary gift early by posting this.

Thaddeus and Joe 11-01-19

Current Knitting

I worked frantically to finish the Garter Striped Mitered End Wrap/Scarf this past weekend.  I’m both pleased it’s finished and very pleased by the result.

Garter Striped Scarves 11-11-19 00

The wrap/scarf is a whopping 86″ long and 14″ wide.

Garter Striped Scarves 11-11-19 05

I think I will block this so that it’s a couple inches wider and a little less long.  This will make the proportions nicer (in my opinion) and will also make the fabric more drapey and soft.

Garter Striped Scarves Queerjoe 11-11-19 07

The scarf is very soft and very warm.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

18 comments on “Anniversaries Abound

  1. Happy Blog and Wedding Anniversaries! Both occasions are awesome. Thank you for your entertaining and helpful blog and best wishes for many more anniversaries of both kinds.

  2. Happy anniversaries especially 36 years together, about the same as my husband and me. The scarf is beautiful as well.

  3. Hmmm, I think Ive only been reading you since 04’ or ‘05!

    Happiest anniversaries to you and to you & Thaddeus! You certainly have not aged, maybe that’s a post!

  4. Congratulations on the anniversaries! Thank you for posting such a nice picture of you and Thaddeus (on your inspirational blog). Best wishes to you both.

    And the scarf is great! Thanks for posting the photos of it, too.

  5. Happy anniversary. This was the first knitting blog I found when I started my knitting adventure and I’ve never tired of it. I’d love to see that picture of a much younger Joe and Thaddeus you posted before, You guys were so cute!

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