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Yarnies? Fiber-Enthusiasts? Woolers?

More and more I’m finding that we need a word to describe knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, tatters, lace-makers, etc.

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As one of the founders of the Men’s Knitting Retreats, the name of the retreats has come back to haunt me often.  Are crocheters also invited? Does attending require that I learn to knit even though I currently spin? I can knit, but I prefer weaving…will there be anything for me at the retreat?

To be clear, the Men’s Knitting Retreats are open to any guys who care to explore yarn arts/crafts with like-minded guys.  We’ve had workshops for spinning, weaving, tatting, crochet, Tunisian crochet and even nalbinding.  And also, knitting.

I’ve considered renaming this venture to Men’s Fiber Retreats, but I don’t think that has a lot of appeal.

I’ve also tried (not very successfully) to discuss a broad spectrum of people who enjoy working with yarn here on the blog.  I’ve never come up with any term that I thought was satisfactory.

Please take a moment and vote on a term that we can all agree on to define us as a group.  Then I’ll work on getting the U.S. to switch to the metric system and have all needle sizes in millimeters (or millimetres if you prefer).

What word or compound word should be used to describe anyone who is enthusiastic about yarn arts/crafts (e.g., knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, tatting, etc.)
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Current Knitting

While they knit up quickly, I must admit, I am tiring of making the Double-Layer Stocking Caps.  So I picked up the Garter Striped Scarf (in natural white and variegated colored stripes).

Garter Striped Scarf 11-20-19 01

Since I only have this much of the variegated yarn left:

Garter Striped Scarf Yarn Left

…the scarf won’t be overly wide, so hopefully I’ll finish sometime soon.

I did also complete three things concerning the Double-Layer Stocking Caps:

  1. I completed one more cap in reddish color yarn.
  2. I made a couple of pom-poms from left over yarn.
  3. I wrote up a free pattern for the hat and pom-pom.

Softy Standard Cap and West Coast Watchcap 11-18-19 02

PomPom 7

Here’s the Ravelry link to the free Double-Layer Stocking Cap pattern. It also includes a short pom-pom tutorial.

1 comment on “Yarnies? Fiber-Enthusiasts? Woolers?

  1. I think you could address the variety of fiber arts with a brief history of The Men’s Knitting Retreat—how it started, how it has grown and become a Men’s Fiber Art Enclave, embracing all fiber arts—and then list what has been taught at previous events.

    The Men’s Knitting Retreat started as a reflection off you and your desire to creat an inclusive place for male knitters. You (and others) have explored other fiber arts and come back and shared it with the group.

    Changing the name cheapens it’s history and it’s story of growth. It minimizes the years you all spent shopping at stores long closed, attending classes before there was Stitches and VK Live. All of your influences and contacts who have help you develop into the artist you have become—never discount or minimize that.

    From the pictures, I suspect that the times where everyone gathers to craft is one of the best parts of The Retreat. That’s not trendy, that’s family.

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