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Two Exciting Upcoming QueerJoe Events!

When there is a QueerJoe event on the horizon, it’s always an exciting time.  When there are two QueerJoe events, the anticipation builds even more.

1st of 2 QueerJoe Events – Final Holiday Craft Show and Retreat Registration

This coming weekend will be my last holiday craft show for 2019. It’s a really good event. And not just because I vend there.  First of all, the venue is impressive.  The Prallsville Mill complex is on that Delaware River and the Canal.

The actual show is in the old grist mill section of the complex.

Prallsville Mill Wreath Front Door

They have horse and carriage rides available and decorations that feel real Christmassy.  Plus the vendors are superb. There are lots of opportunities to find unique and beautiful holiday gifts for your friends, family and loved ones.

Hopefully, you can join the festivities!

2nd of 2 QueerJoe Events – 2020 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat – Opening of Registration

The annual opening of registration for the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat at Easton Mountain in Upstate New York is always rife with excitement.  We have 45 spots available for the event, and it always fills up very quickly.

Men's Spring Knitting Retreat 2013 - Easton Pond

If you know of any guys who would like to attend this event, they will need to know how to register.

On Saturday, January 4, 2020 at 10:00 am (Eastern Time), we will open registration for the 13th annual Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat.

We will send out the registration link in three ways (simultaneously at 10:00 am):

  1. Approximately 350 guys on the e-mail contact list will receive e-mail notification
  2. A post will be made on the MSKR Forum on Facebook
  3. A post will be made on the the Mens Knitting Retreat > 2020 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat – At Easton Mountain forum on Ravelry

A payment of $400 will secure a spot at the retreat.
The first 12 guys who register will be offered the opportunity to pay an extra $85 to get a semi-private room. The rest of the accommodations are quad or dormitory-style rooms.

If anyone would like to be on the e-mail notification list, they can add themself here – Also, I’m happy to answer any questions via Facebook Messenger, E-mail or Web Contact Form.

Current Knitting

I am thrilled to have finished one of my favorite projects lately…the Chantal Silk Old Shale Wrap!

Chantal Silk Old Shale Wrap 11-29-19 03

The colors are not my typical palette. But they are rich and vibrant and  very interesting.  The stitch pattern worked perfectly for this yarn.  The resulting wrap is very lightweight, soft and warm.  I couldn’t have hoped for better.

I also started a new project.

Chevron Scarf 12-02-19 01

This will be a Chevron Striped Scarf done in three different colors of a discontinued Trendsetter yarn called Belgrade. Again, not my typical color palette, and I’m not sure I’ll like it, but we’ll see!

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