Expect Good Things Chalkboard Affirmations

Chalkboard Affirmations

Do you use affirmations? I’d like to say I do, but honestly I usually forget. If we didn’t have the chalkboard affirmations, I would need to put post-its on my bathroom mirror to remember.

Antique Chalkboard Affirmations

Thaddeus found this great old hand-held chalkboard at the flea market.  My first thought was, “Great! Another thing to crowd our living space!”

But then he started writing affirmations on the chalkboard.  I’d get to see chalkboard affirmations each morning.

I’m honestly not sure if affirmations help, but I do feel happier when I see cheerful notes first thing in the morning.

Some affirmations that I come up with sound ingenuous to me. “I am worthy of love” for example is one that seemingly reinforces the exact opposite.  All I hear for affirmations like that is “I’m not really worthy of much, but I’ll keep lying about it to see if that changes.” Thaddeus is much better at coming up with seemingly genuine affirmations.  His are succinct, positive and bring more joy to my life when I read them.

What are some of your favorite affirmations?

I’d like to steal a few from readers to add to the chalkboard positivity.

Current Knitting

Having focused primarily on the Chantal Silk Old Shale Wrap for the past couple of days, I’ve made quite bit of progress.

Old Shale Wrap 12-20-19 01

Here’s what I’m planning.  I had two VERY large (and very expensive) hanks of Chantal Silk in this colorway.  After knitting the first wrap, I sold it very quickly at the craft show.  I’m not sure if I’ll have enough yarn, but I’d like to make a total of three wraps out of this yarn.  Mostly so I can recoup the cost and the time/effort of knitting.

So, I plan on weighing the final garment when it’s finished and then seeing if I have at least that much yarn left to knit a third.

Otherwise, it will end up being a scarf or something else.

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  1. I put an affirmation on the mirror of the ladies room where I work. It says: “You are beautiful, you are strong, you are capable”. It makes me smile when I see it.

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