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Wishing You and Your Family A Happy Holidays

I post a happy holidays cheer blog today for two reasons. To annoy the “keep the Christ in xmas” people.  And to truly wish you all a joyous and wonderful holiday season.

The More Things Change

Yes, Christians…there are assholes like me who say happy holidays just to annoy people.  I also try to use xmas so I can specifically exclude any reference to this holiday being religious.

For any of you who have been participating in on-line knitting forums for a long time, this debate has raged on for at least two decades with knitters.

So-called Christians would reply to non-Christians with shit like “Have a holy and blessed Christmas on the day our Lord and Savior was born.”  These were the very same “Christians” who would ask me why I had to be so “in-your-face” about my sexuality.  The faux-pious assholes would bemoan the generic holiday greetings on Starbucks cups each year.  They would be so annoyed at people working in a crowded mall who dared to wish them a happy holidays. Thus, the “war on xmas” would begin anew each year.  Moderators were sick of it.  True Christians were sick of it. And non-Christians had one more reason to hate this formerly pagan, appropriated holiday. Each year, radical Christians would make this season a complete bore with their insistence that it was a religious holiday.

Despite all that, I love celebrating this holiday.  It means time with family and friends. It means gifts of love and thoughtfulness. And also, wrapping and pretty decorations and watching young kids get very excited with anticipation.  I even like xmas carols.

So, have a very merry and happy holiday season.

Current Knitting

My knitting on the Chantal Silk Old Shale Wrap got deterred again with making hats, but I made some progress anyway.

Old Shale Wrap 12-25-19 01

It shows it’s up to about 12 inches.  When blocked that will be about 14 inches, so I really only have 3 more non-blocked inches to go!

I enjoyed the process of making the Westward Hat by Stephen West so much, I decided to make a couple more.

Westward Hats 12-24-19 01

The two stitch patterns in the headband and the crown section get memorized after knitting one of the hats, so it seemed crazy not to make a few more, right?

2 comments on “Wishing You and Your Family A Happy Holidays

  1. 👍 wishing you some happy stress-free days.

    Love the hats and many of Stephen West’s patterns (and his modelling photos). He visited our LYS. He’s beautiful to look at, being a fit dancer, and he’s was charming as can be.

  2. I reply to every Merry Christmas offered up in my direction with a Happy Hanukkah. Sometimes I get a response of, “oh I’m not Jewish”, to which I reply, “I am”.
    May all your days be merry and bright.

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