Happy Queer New Year – 2020

If my first morning of the year is any indication, it appears my 2020 will be a happy queer New Year.  What is your year looking like so far?

Indicators Of A Happy Queer New Year

First of all, we don’t stay up until midnight on New Years Eve. So my first indicators of a happy queer New Year happened this morning upon waking.

Greeted first by my husband with New Year’s greetings and a hug and a kiss.

Then I make my morning latte in my ultra queer cup (doesn’t anyone know who that is on the cup?)

Happy Queer New Year 2020 - Queer Latte Mug and Latte

Then Finn comes up for his morning brushing

Happy Queer New Year 2020 - Finn Getting Brushed

It’s my favorite part of most days and now my favorite part of 2020 so far.  Love this guy.

Then we head off the the local flea market for our Wednesday morning constitutional and I find these.

Happy Queer New Year 2020 - Avery Name Badge Insert Refills Flea Market Find 01-01-20

These are the Avery badge inserts I use for the Men’s Knitting Retreats at Easton Mountain.  They usually cost about $15 for 300 and I got 600 new-in-box refills for $4.

And by the way, registration for the 2020 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat opens this Saturday morning at 10:00 am Eastern U.S. time in case you know anyone interested.  Most of you know this, but it sells out very quickly.

Finally, I got some knitting in already.  Which I’m sure is no surprise to anyone reading this blog.

So if recent past is prologue, it looks like I’ll be doing lots of husband love, queer latte drinking, Finn lap loving, and bargain finding in 2002!

Wishing all the readers here a joyous and prosperous New Year in 2020.

Current Knitting

Progress continues on my currently active works in progress.

Westward Hat 01-01-20 01

The Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf is about halfway finished and the Westward Hat in Mardi Gras-like colors is just about to start the crown decreases.

Not much knitting since Monday, but I celebrate “second Christmas” with our friend Charles and it involved some awesome wrapping of a gift for him.

Charles Gift Wrapped Air Conditioner Box

Readers’ Comment’s Questions

Kay T. wrote in comments:

Wonderful latte cups! I’d love to hear how you make your morning latte. I have coveted espresso machines but all the ones that sound like they work well are out of my budget…or at least would cut into my yarn budget severely. I look at those stove top pots and wonder if I could use one of those when I’m half awake. Ideas, please!

I was never satisfied with my espresso maker until I had the lowest level machine that could be used in a business.  All the earlier machines made espresso and steamed milk, but not well.  I also needed to find a good grinder for espresso beans.  I don’t know of any way of doing this without spending quite a bit of money.

As for the Italian stovetop espresso makers, I like them.  They don’t steam milk, but they make decent espresso.

If you want a stovetop machine that makes similar espresso AND steams milk, they’re quite a bit more expensive and I have no idea how well they work.

Here are links to a couple of past posts on how I make my lattes:

I Like Caffeine a Latte

Birthday Celebration


And finally a brief video of me making my standard latte art.


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  1. Thanks for your tips on espresso. I wish you lived down the block so I could come watch you make latte art and see your espresso machine in action!

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