Third Book Review Knits From The Greenhouse and My Stitches

Three-Part Book Review – Third Book Review

The third book review is really the third and fourth (and final) book review.  One of the books isn’t a standard knitting pattern design book. So I’ve lumped it together with a conventional book for this review.

Third Book Review – My Stitches

Third Book Review - My Stitches Cover

My Stitches – A Knitting Journal is exactly that. A knitting journal.

It’s a great size, hardback book that I could easily carry everywhere with me.  Here’s what it contains:

  • Quick Reference Details (stitch abbreviations, needle size chart, etc.)
  • Yarn Stash Tracker section
  • Project Planner – to keep track of a never-ending supply of design ideas
  • Measurement Keeper – for keeping measurements of people for whom you knit regularly
  • My Projects section

Each section has graphics and printed forms for easy tracking of what’s important.  I love that the Measurement Keeper section has graphics of a generic body to help take and keep measurements that are important.  And that the My Projects section is simple but stores allows for tracking important information.

Project Notes from My Stitches

The format of this book was the exact reason I first started writing this blog.  So that I could document yarn, needle size, pattern, measurements, etc. for my knitting projects. It would be an incredibly thoughtful gift for yourself or your knitter friends/family.

It lists for US$22, but it is available for US$19.70 on Amazon (at least for me it is!)

Fourth Book Review – Knits from the Greenhouse – Knitting Patterns for Plant-Based Fibers

Third Book Review - Knits From The Greenhouse Cover

First of all, let me say, that normally, I’m not a huge fan of knitting with plant-based fibers. That being said, I LOVE the designs in this book. The designs make me want to knit with cotton, hemp, tencel and all the other fibers that can hurt my hands when I knit with them.

The first two designs are awesome, meshy wraps that I think are really well done.

Dappled Leaves Scarf from Knits from the Greenhouse

This is Dappled Leaves Scarf and I think it uses linen/flax yarn in about the best possibly way.

There are multiple designers in this book – names I know like Amy Gunderson and Holli Yeoh (Nigel Pottle’s niece I think).  There are also many I don’t know.  But the 20 designs in the book are very well crafted and very well photographed.

I have just added the Puget Tote from Knits from the Greenhouse to my to-knit list.

Puget Tote from Knits from the Greenhouse

This book lists for $26.99 and isn’t discounted much more than that on Amazon.

All four books I got from Interweave this past week have value for me as a knitter and I’m glad to own all four.


Current Knitting

It wasn’t an overly productive couple of days regarding knitting.  I was distracted by reading/reviewing knitting books, tasks for the upcoming Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat in May, cat grooming/loving and by a new game on my phone.

While I had hoped to finish the Chevron Scarf, I still have a bit more work to do.

Chevron Scarf 01-17-20 01

Just about 10 more garter ridges before I begin decreases to finish it.

The Linen Stitch Scarf didn’t move along quite so quickly.

Linen Stitch Scarf 01-17-20 01

While you may not see any difference from Wednesday, I actually did add a couple of rows.

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  1. Knits from the Greenhouse and 100 Knits are both currently 40% off at I’m usually ambivalent about buying books at a steep discount, but often end up excusing my inner cheapskate by telling myself that if the publishers choose to sell via a particular vendor then they must be o.k. with the discounts.

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