Foto February Day 1 Masculinity in Perspective

Foto-February – Day 1 – Masculinity In Perspective

Today’s photo is a mostly black and white (and gray) photo of a mannequin head/shoulders on a slanted line background.

As a queer man who knits and organizes knitting/fiber retreats for men, I often ponder the concept of masculinity.  With emerging groups like Hombres Tejedores in South and Central America, the concept of masculinity and machismo is being challenged regularly.


Foto February will be a combination of photo-only posts and full-blog posts throughout the month.

1 comment on “Foto-February – Day 1 – Masculinity In Perspective

  1. Hi Joe, I think every year as we get older, the definition of what it is to be male and masculine becomes blurred. I am fine with that because as a gay knitter myself, I find that definitions given by society are so unfair to men in general whether you’re straight or gay. I think men are under scrutiny to be a certain way. They are supposed to act strong in dire situations and be able to handle pressures of life without fault. I find that so unfair to men. Why is it that men in general die sooner than women? Men are under more stress to act and be a certain way. It’s time for men to learn to relax and enjoy life more.

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