Foto-February Day 4 - Still Life Onion and Carrots

Foto-February Day 4 – Still Life Onion and Carrots

Today’s is a photo of an onion and carrots. I loved the range of orange colors in the scene. It also reminded me of how much importance Thaddeus puts on making food rather than buying it pre-prepared.

Since we’ve been together, Thaddeus has never been one to buy prepared foods.  He buys ingredients and makes food.  Since this is how I grew up, it’s been very comforting and nourishing to both my body and spirit to eat this way.  Whether it’s cauliflower in a creamy cheese sauce, chicken soup or Thaddeus’ famous potato pancakes, we eat well.

Foto February will be a combination of photo-only posts and full-blog posts throughout the month.

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  1. When I was a kid, Ma “made food”. And when I first left home, so did I. I never had that instant macaroni stuff till I was 19 years old. For a few years, I ate the convenience foods. And found I just didn’t feel well. Finally, as an experiment I cut them completely from my diet and felt a lot better (digestion, energy, everything) My Ma didn’t use convenience foods because they had ingredients she couldn’t even pronounce. Her term for these was “botulated froo-fram”. She was a woman ahead of her time!

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