Foto February - Day 5 - Colored Cat Glass

Foto-February Day 5 – Colored Glass and Finn The Cat

Today brings you my favorite piece of colored glass we own. It represents the beloved, and quirky cat with whom we currently reside. Finn the cat.

Finn The Cat

Finn the Cat Looking Up

It’s been about six years since we found Finn.  Still devastated about having lost Nico, Thaddeus began looking at local rescue shelters.

He showed me a photo of a cat named Bamboo. The photo made the cat look cross-eyed and ordinary at the same time.  I wasn’t impressed.

But Thaddeus thought Bamboo was beautiful, despite his unfortunate name.

So, we traveled and hour and a half to Northern New Jersey to see this cat, only to find the shelter was closed.

Thaddeus insisted, so we waited.

The volunteer arrived 15 minutes later after walking one of the dogs in the shelter. He brought us back to “dark and messy cat closet” where Bamboo was kept and realized he wasn’t there.

Thaddeus insisted again, so we asked when we could see him.

He told us Bamboo was having some health issues and was currently being fostered by one of the volunteers who wasn’t available to see us.

Thaddeus insisted, so we got the volunteers contact information and scheduled a time to go back.

Back up to Northern NJ the next week, we met the foster-volunteer and Bamboo.  Bamboo was estimated to be about 4 years old and had been in the shelter for about TWO YEARS!  He was allergic to flea bites and had scratched his entire neck raw of fur and had scabs and sores.  Bamboo seemed playful and loved sitting at the window in his bedroom looking at birds.  He bit us when we pet him.

Thaddeus was not deterred. We asked when he’d be available for adoption.

The volunteer wanted to both check out our application and to get the cat through his current round of medication before allowing him to be adopted.

Thaddeus pushed on.  We schedule a pick-up date the following week.

Persistence Pays Off

Finally, on February 18, 2014, we picked up this unlikely rescue and brought him home. Suffice it to say, the photo of him was just a bad photo. We became grateful that he was a bitey cat, as I’m sure it’s a large part of the reason he was never adopted for 2 years.  We changed his name to Finn (he didn’t seem to recognize Bamboo, so it wasn’t a big change for him). And the rest is history.

Current Knitting

The Fox Paws progress is slow, but steady.

FoxPaws 02-05-20 01

This is about 18 inches and 6 repeats completed.  I’ve also been trying to keep up with weaving in ends as I go.  On this project, weaving in ends turns out to be a nice way of taking a break from the complex rows.


3 comments on “Foto-February Day 5 – Colored Glass and Finn The Cat

  1. I have had many cats over my many decades, and I thought they were all beautiful. Finn is an exceptionally beautiful boy. You’re lucky to have him, and he is so lucky to have you both.

  2. I love hearing Finn’s Gotcha story. Once again, your husband’s kind heart brought amazing joy into your world. I remember thinking to myself that we would be in your shoes in the near future and how wise Thaddeus was to welcome another cat into your home to help you both heal. I applied that wisdom to our life 36 months later.

    What is amazing about cats is that each is unique. Finn isn’t Nico and doesn’t care to be. He is not a re-lace,ent but another cat personality you are blessed to have in your world. I smile to myself at the idea of him helping you take pictures (aka making the whole process longer) and knowing your house has rituals like ours does.

    Bamboo was never his name. He was always destined to be yours.

    A welcome ray of sunshine on a dark day.

    1. This is one of the most perfect comments (in my not-so-humble opinion).

      It clearly indicates you not only grasped exactly what I wrote about, but you both filled in parts by inference and related a personal story that directly applied to the topic.

      You also have a very clear understanding of cats. Thank you for making my day.

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