Foto-February - Day 6 - Scalp Problem Sculpture

Foto-February – Day 7 – Scalp Problem Sculpture

Many who know me and Thaddeus, know that we collect art from local artists.  We live in an area known as a longtime artist community.  The New Hope School of impressionist painters is widely known.  So, it has always been easy to find pieces of art for our home from local artists. And to patronize the local galleries.  The sculpture in today’s photo is called “Scalp Problem” and is done by artist William Entwistle. It was from a local New Hope gallery.

If you ever have the opportunity to use our powder room, this sculpture will watch your every move.

We understand that our taste in art isn’t to everyone’s liking.  Thaddeus has a preference for unique and different art…outsider art.  My taste is more conservative. So, when we find a piece we both like and want, it’s usually a successful purchase.

Much of our art we have owned for decades now, so it has stood the test of time.  At least in terms of us still enjoying it.  Some has increased in resale value, but we didn’t buy any of it as an investment.

Surrounding ourselves with items we find aesthetically interesting and pleasing has been a successful strategy for us.

No Scalp Problem – Current Knitting

Some additional inches added to the Fox Paws scarf.

FoxPaws 02-07-20 01

I have been keeping up with weaving in ends as well, so the reverse looks almost as good as the front.

FoxPaws 02-07-20 02

As I get a little more familiar with the more complex rows in this project, it is going a bit faster.  Just a bit.

Foto February will be a combination of photo-only posts and full-blog posts throughout the month.

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  1. Congratulations on the Fox Paws. I still have a piece that I began and temporarily gave up on. I’m a very experienced knitter but that one is so difficult.

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