Foto February Day 10- I-Cord

Foto February Day 10 – i-Cord And Easy Knitting

Staying faithful to one yarn-project is never easy for me. I admit it, I strayed, and it involves the i-cord above. But to be fair, there’s only so much I could take of Fox Paws before it drove me to it.

i-Cord and Sports Shorts

First of all, I should say, I hate doing what Elizabeth Zimmermann termed idiot-cord.  It’s too fiddly and it seems ENDLESS when you have to do a yard or two of it.

Fortunately, I have a machine that will do it for me.  And it will make i-cord faster and better than I can.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to make i-cord on my circular sock knitting machine.

If you don’t want to purchase a sock knitting machine just to do i-cord, you could always go with one of these handy little machines.

Especially if you’re planning on making a few pairs of these.

Sports by Chris Fava

Current Knitting

I’ve always liked this simple, easy-knit design by Stephen West.  It’s called “Sports.”  Here’s where I am so far on mine.

Sports 02-09-20 01

It’s done in worsted-weight yarn and mostly in stockinette in the round.  Honestly, the only part of the design I don’t care too much about doing is the i-cord.  And now I can even make that easily!

Even though I put down Fox Paws to work on a “breather” project, I still made some progress.

Fox Paws 02-09-20 01

That is progress on RIPPING OUT a mistake.  Oh well…two steps forward…

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  1. I quite like making iCord! I kind of get in the zone and it just grows. I’ve actually had to rip back because I’ve made it too long. And by rip back I mean 2 feet of it.

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