Foto February Day 15 - Chain Link Fence at Flea Market

Foto-February – Day 15 – Chain Link Foreground

Is there nothing more dismal looking than chain-link fence? Especially on a gray day.

It’s amazing how much our surrounds determine how we are.  Even when we don’t take much note of the surroundings. Some of my clients when I was still consulting had offices in really awful areas. One actually surrounded their employee parking with prison-like fencing topped with concertina wire (not as pretty as it sounds…that spiralled barbed wire on top of prison fences).

Concertina Wire Fence

When I watch movies of young people growing up in poor, urban areas, it sometimes amazes me what they have to live with.  And that’s just from an aesthetic perspective. Can you imagine all the people in your community getting to see dreary urban blight every day.

I’m hopeful my blog usually shows photos that inspire more than depression.

But not today.

Foto February will be a combination of photo-only posts and full-blog posts throughout the month.

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