Foto February Day 16 - Wing Dam

Foto-February – Day 16 – Wing Dam

Walking and bicycling around Lambertville, NJ, I was all too familiar with the Lambertville Wing Dam.

But then we went North on the Delaware River and discover this beauty.

This is a relatively new wing dam in Lumberville. Watching water flow is never anything but soothing for me. Although the view of this water made me a bit dizzy.

Wing dams are not full-width obstacles, but slanted obstructions the force the flow of the river to go faster in the deeper/channel portion of the river.

Go ahead and run this short little video on a loop and see if water has a serene effect on you too!

Foto February will be a combination of photo-only posts and full-blog posts throughout the month.

1 comment on “Foto-February – Day 16 – Wing Dam

  1. A very deadly trap! I almost lost my life there while foolishly taking a canoe down the wing dam in 1986. Thank God I survived. Don’t do it!

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