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Foto-February – Day 19 – Blocked In To An E-Mail

Years of using my Comcast e-mail addresses has me somewhat blocked into an e-mail address. For years, QueerJoe and my other primary e-mail address have been what I’ve used.  That includes on-line account ids and both personal and professional e-mail correspondence.

Don’t Get Blocked Into An E-Mail Address

Every time I see an AOL e-mail address, I find myself asking, “Is AOL still around?”  Evidently it is. Are people paying for their AOL account?

A tech-savvy friend of mine (who does amazing branding, logo design and web site development, btw) often tells me to dump my Comcast e-mail address.  What if I move to a place where Comcast isn’t available?  Or how about if I decide I’m not willing to pay any longer for the cost of Comcast internet and cable tv?  Eventually, I will have to switch over to a new e-mail address. Comcast won’t let me keep my e-mail account if I no longer have a paid account with them

So, I’ve decided to finally start switching over hundreds of internet account.  My Apple e-mail address will become my new “forever e-mail”. If there is such a thing. My friend says either use your Apple e-mail or a gmail account if you want one that will restrict you the least in the future. He tells me that those two accounts stay with you for free. At least for now.

Every Internet Account

You know what it’s like. If you’re a knitter, it’s most likely you have an on-line account with Webs, Ravelry, Pinterest, Etsy, KnitPicks, PayPal, etc., etc. Then of course, if you participate in social media, there are a bunch more. And every web site where you buy something wants you to set up an account.

Turns out I have over 400 on-line accounts that possibly require a change in e-mail. Fortunately, many of these sites allow me to have a userid that still identifies me as I want to be.  I can change my e-mail primary address for Ravelry, for instance, without switching my RavID…so I’m still QueerJoe out there.

I guess it’s better to get most of these accounts changed now. If I suddenly lost my Comcast e-mail addresses, it would be a lot more stressful.

Current Knitting

I decided to put Fox Paws in time-out for a while. It wasn’t misbehaving. It was just taking up too much of my concentration.

I’ll be back to it soon…just needed a bit of a break.

Instead, I got back on my antique 1925 Gearhart Circular Sock Knitting Machine again after a while of being off. I was able to knit one full sock with no errors on my first try back!

Gearhart CSM Sock Standard 02-16-20 01

This is very exciting. The machine is working well and so am I.  The sock is 1×1 rib at the top, 3×1 rib for the remainder (top of foot is ribbed, bottom isn’t). I used a rounded heel and toe.

Gearhart CSM Sock Standard 02-16-20 04

I do have to graft the toe.  But I also set re-set the machine so it’s ready to knit its mate!

Foto February will be a combination of photo-only posts and full-blog posts throughout the month.

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