Foto February Day 21 - Vivid Color Yarn Flowers Loomed

Foto-February – Day 21 – Vivid Colors

Vivid colors are the biggest reason I continue to knit. They are also probably the only reason I enjoy selling knitted items at craft shows.

Best Use of Vivid Colors

Early on in my knitting, I wasn’t very good at designing knitted items that incorporated colors successfully.  After a lot of trial and error, I finally chanced upon ways that worked.  And allowed me to use the splendid colors I so enjoyed.

Many of my most successful designs have mixed wildly vibrant colors. I really only have two rules for mixing crazy colors:

  1. Use a stitch pattern or design that breaks up pooling and striping of multi-color yarns.
  2. Try to keep the value and saturation constant in your most colorful yarns, except when introducing either a “kicker” color or a duller, background/blending color.

I have also found that there are some colors that seem to blend with most of the lively colors I use.  Green/Gray Antique Gold seem to be good background/blending colors in a design.

Vivid Colors - Gray Green and Antique Gold Swatches

My current knitting project uses all the successful rules of blending vivid colors.  Great stitch pattern the gently blends the colors without making them muddy.  Good solid vivid colors with a brighter kicker color of light blue and a blending color of yellowish/gold.

Here are some of the other project I find use color well.

Current Knitting

I did re-pick up and make some progress on Fox Paws.

Fox Paws 02-21-20 01

Part of the “progress” I made since picking this up again was to rip back three rows and even with that back-pedaling, I was able to finish another repeat.

I also started another version of Sports shorts by Stephen West.

Sport 02-21-20 01

This one will be more like Splongs instead of Sports.  The legs will be full-length…maybe. So far, I’ve just made it up to the short-row section to make room for the ass.


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