Antique Boye Crochet Hooks in Box at Flea Market

Foto-February – Day 24 – The C Word

In truth, the C word is my favorite four-letter word.  In this case, it is also my favorite seven letter word. Crochet!

The C Word – Crochet

Crochet was my first yarn craft I ever learned.  My Nana Wilcox once taught me when I was probably age 5 or younger.

QueerJoe Age 06

I never picked it up back then, but I never forgot how to make a crochet chain.  Most of the crochet patterns I saw over the years weren’t very compelling. Although, my sister and I did attempt to make a bunch of crochet hexagons. We were going to sew them up into an afghan, but never go too far. I think it was a spiral hexagon from this book…

The Pattern Library Crochet Book

…but the page for what I thought we were making was missing. Just as well.

So, it wasn’t until I had been knitting for a few years when I finally saw what could be done with crochet.  Having met a master crocheter, Kathy Merrick, I realized crochet could be really great.

The C Word - Crochet Hat Joe

Even though I wasn’t very talented at it anyway.  This hat was made and blogged about back in August of 2004 in a blog entry called “What QueerJoe Does Badly”.

But since, I’ve done some crochet designs that I think are very good.

It still never ceases to amaze me that my video on the Interlocking Crochet Scarf has over 80,000 views!

Current Knitting

While I have no crochet currently being worked on, I do have some progress on my knitting.

Fox Paws 02-23-20 01

The Fox Paws is moving along at a glacial pace.  Seems consistent with my frosted windshield.  But persistence is the key trait in a successful knitter, so I will finish this beauty.  Eventually!

I have also been making some progress on the Splongs (long version of Sports shorts by Stephen West).

Sport 02-23-20 01

I’ve finished the endless “increase rounds” that shape the butt and crotch and shortly I’ll be starting down the first leg.

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