Foto-February – Day 25 – I Haven’t Got A Notion

Nope…not one notion…THOUSANDS of notions.

This is a world where whoever has the most stuff wins, because knitters are known hoarders of various notions.  So, varied sizes, colors and types…the more you have, the better it is.

The photo above shows a small pile of “point protectors” or, little rubber caps to put on the ends of knitting needles to protect your work from slipping off.  I found the varied colors and sizes eye-catching…no?.

Foto February will be a combination of photo-only posts and full-blog posts throughout the month.

1 comment on “Foto-February – Day 25 – I Haven’t Got A Notion

  1. Wait…you don’t have them sorted by size and color, in matching little containers all labelled in an attractive and legible typeface?

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