Acrylic Textile Yarn Cones Nineteen Pounds

Foto-February – Day 26 – A Bounty of Cones of Yarn

Thaddeus spotted these GIGANTIC cones of yarn at our flea market the other day.  Each one has about 10 pounds of yarn on it.  They’re HUGE!

Acrylic Textile Yarn Cones Nineteen Pounds Perspective

Even my iPhone in the photo doesn’t really show them to be as HUGE as they are!

Useless Cones of Yarn

The vendor had dozens of these huge cones of yarn. They had no idea what the yarn was made of, but for almost 20 pounds of yarn, I paid $10.

I lugged them home and did a burn-test on them immediately.  No surprise, they were acrylic.

I knit up a small tube on my sock knitting machine, even though the gauge is thicker than sock yarn.

Acrylic Textile Yarn Cranked in a Tube

The tweedy yarn knit up fine, but I couldn’t run the green yarn through easily at all. I ended up breaking it off with less than an inch of knitting. The resulting fabric for both yarns is more like a Brill-O pad than fabric.

For now, these two huge cones of yarn will remain as statuary in my house. But I can’t imagine I’ll ever have a use for them.

Current Knitting

Despite taking time out to test these useless new yarns, I was able to make a little progress on the Fox Paws scarf.

Fox Paws 02-26-20 01

I anticipate I now have about 5 more 16-row repeats until it’s finished.

I have also made it to the taint of the Splongs.

Sport 02-26-20 01

Yes, the Sports “Longs” version has been separated into two legs and I’m starting down the first one.

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  1. We have a swap shop here and at times the cones come in to it. I’ve use it to make dish cloths. I put two or three of these together and knit the dish cloths. the cones I’ve come across are different yarns. Some are cotton, some are wool and some are acrylic. Their used on a knitting machine. Sometimes I’ve gotten worsted weight yarn. Take care!

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