Alien FIngers Evergreen Bush

Foto-February – Day 27 – Alien Fingers Grow Among Us

Evolution has always been confounding to me.  I could never have imagined creating alien fingers. And definitely not on the ends of shrubbery. Not even in millions of years.

And yet, today’s photo proves they exist.

So do these hybrid little shrub’s alien fingers attract just the perfect amount of water?  Or do they catch sun in the perfect way? Perhaps they attract the exact right bug or bird to pollinate them or to carry their seed far and wide.

Yes, I’ve always loved by sciences like botany and evolution. Mostly because they’re more mystery to me than understanding. I also love macro photos where the unfocused background helps to define the in-focus foreground.

Foto February is almost finished! Just two more days to go!

Foto February will be a combination of photo-only posts and full-blog posts throughout the month.

1 comment on “Foto-February – Day 27 – Alien Fingers Grow Among Us

  1. As a biologist I’ve always said if a sci-fi writer or movie is looking for ‘weird’ inspiration for aliens, they need look no further than the biology of planet earth. (ET – Galapagos turtle head is one example. 🙂

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