Cock and Balls Door Handle

Foto-February – Day 29 – Ergonomically and Politically Incorrect Doorknob

I finish up Foto February with a photo of a found object at our local flea market.
The phallus and balls above are not an avant-garde sculpture. They actually make up a doorknob.  I can’t imagine it would be easy to open a door using this.  That is, physically, I don’t think it would make it easy. And I’m sure there may be some folks who would be reticent to pull on it to open a door as well.
Let me know which was your favorite photo from this month’s 29 photos.
Foto February will be a combination of photo-only posts and full-blog posts throughout the month.
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Cock and Balls Door Handle
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Antique Boye Crochet Hooks in Box at Flea Market
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3 comments on “Foto-February – Day 29 – Ergonomically and Politically Incorrect Doorknob

  1. Of course, all of the photos were spectacular, however, the carrots and onion photo remains my favourite. The composition and colour really appeal to me. Thanks, Joe, for sharing your photography skills with us.

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