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Knitting With QueerJoe – Episode 1

This is episode 1 of Knitting with QueerJoe.  Do you like it? If so, I will do this once or twice each month. If not, you’ll never see it again.

Interested in Knitting With QueerJoe?

The video is under 18 minutes long and you’re encouraged to pick up a project and knit while you watch or listen along.

I’ve attempted to keep the video short enough to stay interesting. Also, it’s edited in a way that makes it more interesting than a long, straight shot.

Recently, on my favorite Social Media forum, Yarned & Dangerous, long, boring videos have been discussed. I am open to feedback and would love to hear how you used this video.  Or even if you couldn’t be bothered.

All feedback is useful as far as I’m concerned.

Video Links

Here are some of the links mentioned in the video.

There is also a mini-survey toward the end of the video. Let me know how well you like this format.  Or not.  You can also still leave comments here or on YouTube

Current Knitting Photos

Many of my long-term blog readers know that I typically have a main topic and the “Current Knitting” in each blog post.  I plan on have a similar format for the Knitting with QueerJoe series.  But I’ll also include photos of the works in progress here on the blog when I post a video.

That way, if you or I search the blog for something like “interlocking crochet“, it will bring up video blog entries as well as regular blog entries.  Make sense?

Photos from my two projects mentioned in the video.

Fox Paws 03-01-20 01 Sports by Stephen West 03-01-20

11 comments on “Knitting With QueerJoe – Episode 1

  1. I watched your video, liked, subscribed and commented. I enjoy knitting with friends but can’t always make it happen in real life, so knitting along with a video blogger is the next best thing. Wishing you (and me) many more episodes.

  2. I like the idea but have to say I don’t have any interest in a knitting machine so that part of the video was sort of wasted on me. But I think you have a great voice for this and look forward to seeing more of these. Also I will go look at your other videos and subscribe and so forth.

    1. Good point…I meant to include the timing in the video where you could skip forward to for various sections. That’s always a lot more time-consuming than it seems.

  3. although I have found the idea nice and that was pleasant to hear your voice. It make me difficult to understand well every thing because I am french and my english is’nt fluent enought .

    I am looking forward to read you again in the blog

    1. Merci Michèle….Je n’ai jamais pensé à ça. J’ai ajouté des sous-titres français à la vidéo … mais ils sont traduits automatiquement (comme ce commentaire). J’espère qu’ils vous aideront également pour les futures vidéos!

  4. I enjoyed this and hope you’ll continue. Like Iris I can’t often join others to knit for various reasons, and something like this is a nice alternative. I’m subscribed and looking forward to the next video.

  5. I got the same calming yet engaging effect as I used to get watching Mr. Rogers with my now middle aged son. You have a good demeanor for this type of media and I hope you will make a couple more to see if it takes off. I do hope, however, that you don’t stop your written blog. I enjoy that with your photos so much. Thanks for asking for my two cents!

    1. Thanks Lou…after having just seen a documentary on Fred Rogers and also the Tom Hanks portrayal of him in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, that is high praise indeed. I never enjoyed watching Mr. Rogers when I was younger…I think I was a bit too old for it when I started seeing it on t.v. But I have since grown to have an amazing amount of respect for him.

      And I definitely will be continuing my written blog. Thanks for your input.

  6. I finally watched and can’t say I was disappointed. It’s nice to see and hear you and to watch the CSM. I look forward to your next installment. I really cannot wait to see that neon yellow worked with gray!

    I’m already subscribed.

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