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QueerJoe’s Thoughts On 2020 Democratic Primaries

I’ve been trying to stay away from politics. Especially U.S.-specific politics since there are so many non-U.S. people that read this blog. But, for what it’s worth, here’s what I think about this year’s U.S. Democratic Primaries for President.

Effect of Democratic Primaries

For me, it’s been incredibly easy to ignore all that’s going on in the primaries. It comes down to a simple choice.

The Democratic nominee or Donald Trump.

I have very little say in who will be the Democratic nominee. Pennsylvania doesn’t vote until next month. By that time, it will pretty much be wrapped up. And I’m kind of grateful for that. I won’t have difficult decisions to make about whether I want someone who represents my heart, like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. Or someone who will garner the most voters in the general election in November.  It might be the same thing…I honestly don’t know.

But for right now, it’s down to two feasible candidates. Bernie and Joe. And Joe is currently in the lead.

It’s been nice to not have to worry about this choice. Yes, I would like to have seen a women of color become President. But mostly I want to see anyone not-Trump become President. So, it’s a lot easier for me to just sit back and watch the process.

The power of not-knowing is amazing. After all the pundits and pollsters and political advisors were so wrong in 2016, I can’t imagine I’m a better guesser at what’s the best thing for us.

I just don’t know. Something else determines how all this shit goes down. I have little-to-no impact on it.  And I’m happy with accepting that.

Just know that I will vote in my State’s primary election in April. I will, of course, be voting for not-Trump in November. I will probably even participate in campaigning for not-Trump in any way I can. But I also know I have very little to say about how that turns out either. It would be great if there was a massive turnout in November to defeat the POS POTUS. But I have no idea if that will happen either.

So, I do what I can and accept the results.

Current Knitting

More progress was made on the Splongs.

Splongs 03-11-20 01

These will end up being lounging pants for around the house. Can’t wait to start using them, so I’ll push forward to try and finish them as soon as possible.

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  1. Push forward indeed as you may be snuggling in more because of the COVID-19 spread. Those lounge pants look cozy and comfy.

    In NY schools and businesses are closed and folks are being urged to social distance and/or stay home.

    Stay safe my knitting friend, and keep posting
    Karen Koziol

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