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Knitting With QueerJoe – Episode 2 – Do The Hard Thing First

This is Episode 2 of Knitting with QueerJoe – Do The Hard Thing First

Interested in Knitting With QueerJoe (or how to Do The Hard Thing First)?

Feel free to watch Episode 1 if you haven’t already. Episode 2 is 20 minutes long and you’re encouraged to pick up a project and knit while you watch or listen along.

In the second episode, we discuss some advice I got years ago from an efficiency expert. We also model the “Splongs”.

All feedback is useful as far as I’m concerned.

Video Links

Knitting with QueerJoe is a regular video-version of my knitting blog ( It will have a similar format to the blog. Topic or theme and then “current knitting” section. Plus you get to view and listen along whilst working on your own knitting.

Episode 2 – Includes – (with Fast Forward timestamp links)

  • 00:25 Introduction
  • 01:40 What I’m working on during the video
  • 03:50 Today’s Episode – Do the Hardest Thing First
  • 10:56 Tips and Techniques
  • 13:27 Readers’ Comments/Questions
  • 18:20 Current Knitting

Current Knitting Photos

Photos from my two projects mentioned in the video.

Splongs are finished and I model them in the video!

Splongs 03-15-20 01

I’ve re-picked up the Fox Paws Scarf and will now push to finish it!

Fox Paws 03-15-20 01

7 comments on “Knitting With QueerJoe – Episode 2 – Do The Hard Thing First

    1. There are a few basic concepts that I found useful to grasp when I first learned cabling:
      – Watch someone do a stitch transfer on a knitting machine – for some reason this made the concept easier to understand
      – Stretched stitches on the cross-over rows even out, so don’t worry about what they look like until 3 rows after the crossover
      – It seemed intuitive to me to twist the cable needle instead of just shifting them over

  1. Thanks for this video. Good information. Good pace. While I didn’t knit along, I enjoyed some coffee with you (Joe with Joe).
    Karen Koziol

  2. Saw as soon as the video started that you had changed the picture orientation. Thank you so very much as it made it so much better. Felt that I was sitting across from you. Did enjoy a dish of ice cream then knit several rows on a number 1 cushion I am making for a great-grandson’s first birthday.
    Great show and model. Looking forward to the next video.

    1. Thanks Sandra. I have a friend who does a lot of web design and videos and he CRINGES when he sees portrait-oriented videos. It almost made me want to re-do Episode 1.

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