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Extroverts Adapt

There have been a lot of memes for introverts on social media lately. And for knitters/crafters/yarnies, that state we’ve been ready for this moment in time.  But here’s how extroverts adapt.

Extroverts Adapt to Being So Damn Needy

It never occurred to me how needy I was of the attention of others. This blog and the recent first two episodes of the video version of the blog (Knitting With QueerJoe) are evidence of my neediness.

I can totally see how some people work feverishly to garner any attention. Even if the attention is negative. Just the notion that I couldn’t go out and mingle with people for a while has given me a mild case of the DTs.  I was squirmy just thinking about it. Trying to figure out ways of getting my social hit without endangering infection from or infecting others.

Thank Dog for social media and virtual communities.

Yesterday, I hosted a Facebook live session for over an hour and a half with a number of people dropping in.  I got to ramble on discussing any topics in which guests were interested. And when guests’ topics were slow, I chattered on about anything I was going through.

Suffice it to say, it satisfied my craving to be with people. It was a temporary fix. And I realize I still have a problem I need to deal with.  But I could postpone it one more day.

I slept well last night.

Current Knitting

Some of you got to see a live presentation of the Fox Paws Scarf yesterday. And I still continue to make progress.

Fox Paws 03-18-20 01

I have just two more repeats (16 rows each) before I bind off this scarf.  I will be VERY glad to have finished it.

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