Pride In Accomplishment Fox Paws 03-23-20 01

Pride In Accomplishment

Often, it seems that the amount of my pride in accomplishment is based on the level of aggravation caused in completing the accomplishment.

Why Isn’t Pride in Accomplishment Based on Joyous Activity?

Don’t get me wrong. I really love when I finish and easy scarf.  But I can honestly say I don’t take anywhere near as much pride in the joyous projects as I do the aggravating ones.

My latest completed object (except for a few random ends to weave in) was not what I’d call a fun project.  It took a lot of time. Also, it required a LOT of attention. I haven’t ripped back as much on this project as I have for any in recent history.

So, with all that aggravation, you can well imagine how swelled I am with pride!  So proud, in fact, I display it in a short video.

If you need particulars about the Fox Paw Scarf, (what yarns I used, the pattern, etc.) you can find that here.

Current Knitting

Obviously, I was able to finish the glorious Fox Paws Scarf.

Fox Paws 03-23-20 01

It’s done in five different colorways of fingering weight yarn. So, it took forever.

It ended up being about 62″ long and about 14″ wide.  So it’s a very generously sized scarf and the drape is fantastic.  Check it out at the end of the video if you don’t believe me!

What’s next?  I’ll be working on another Chevron Striped Scarf.  The new project will be worsted weight and go MUCH faster.

12 comments on “Pride In Accomplishment

    1. Thanks Fredda…I couldn’t be more pleased…everything fell into place with this one. Good thing too…if it sucked after all that work, I’d have been PISSED! 🙂

  1. Beautiful! I’ve discovered the same thing…. the harder it is the more satisfaction when it’s completed. It’s been sort of comforting to hear that people with so much experience have to rip out as well as us beginners. But is it really comforting to know this is going to be my life as a yarn crafter? (I mostly crochet right now)

  2. Congratulations, Joe! What an accomplishment!

    I recently finished a gansey knit on US 1.5 needles, I ripped out one sleeve twice, and when I finished, I noticed that one section didn’t match the other sleeve! Doesn’t matter, no one but me will notice, and I’m really happy to be done after ten months of knitting!

    So, I started Shakespeare in Love by Carol Sunday. I’m going up to US 2, I think. Maybe only take nine months . . . .

  3. I made the Fox Paws wrap in a different set of colors, lots of ripping out, but it got done. I sent a picture to my sister, who promptly replied, “Oh! Is that my Christmas present?!” So I gave it to her. And made myself a one-repeat narrower-and-longer version to match my winter coat. Don’t think I would ever care to do another “stacked increase” or decrease in my life! But it is such a gorgeous pattern!

  4. I think the John Kennedy quote (loose paraphrase) “We chose to do the hard thing because it is hard.” Anyone (well many) can do the easy thing, but to stick to and finish the hard project is worthy of some kind of recognition. Well done. I’ve looked at foxpaw type projects and decided I would never finish. Now I’m on a ‘ten-stitch afghan’ that is growing verrrrry slowly. I’m hoping to not give up. It is at about the limit of my tolerance.
    Well done, Joe!

  5. Wow, that scarf is simply amazing! I just re-discovered your blog after an absence of several years and am having a lovely time reading all that I’ve missed.

  6. I adore this pattern and made a stab at it a while back, only to discover that it was the most frustrating pattern ever, and that I am not nearly advanced enough to spend time working on it yet. However, my battle cry, “You Will Not Defeat Me” applies to this and while I have shelved the project, I have not abandoned it. In the depths of some future winter–maybe this coming one–I will reassess my skills and make another attempt! Meanwhile, your results are fantastic and give me hope!

    1. My only suggestion is to do this with few or no distractions. I had trouble keeping stitch counts whilst just watching television. I fudged it a number of times and the mistakes seem to blend in well enough. Good luck with yours

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