Frustrating Click-bait 01

Frustrating Click-Bait

How many of your remember my “Hit Whore” posts from the past? I’ve been doing “click-bait” for years. In fact, yesterday on Facebook, I posted a link to my latest episode of Knitting With QueerJoe, apologizing for the nudity in it. So, today I offer you more frustrating click-bait.

What Is Frustrating Click-Bait?

Simply put, frustrating click-bait is just titillating little links to web sites people are always clicking on. But without an active link.  Like the featured photo above.

I’ve notice four basic types of click-bait.

Mysterious ending click-bait.

Mysterious Ending Click Bait 04

This is where they bring you to a video and keep you watching the video for a seemingly ENDLESS period of time. And right before the “jump back” moment comes, an ad displays. It must be watched before you can see the shocking ending. The featured photo at the top is a similar ploy that makes sure you wait for “the last one” and it also adds a sexy component to it.

Insider Secrets Click-Bait

Insider Secrets Click Bait 02

A long stream of photos from some fond childhood memory that provides insider information that you never knew. It always infers something juicy you’ll really want to know, but rarely delivers. The photo montage is peppered generously with paid advertisement that is looking for as many eyeballs as they can get.

Be In-The-Know Click Bait

Be In-The-Know Click Bait 03

Understand how a Chinese restaurant take-out carton is really a folded plate to eat your food. Or the hole at the end of the handle on your pan is for resting a wooden spoon.  Things we “should” know and that you can use to amaze your friends.

Prove Your Bona Fides Click Bait

Prove Your Bona Fides Click Bait 05

Take the quiz that will verify you are who you think you are.  My favorite version of these is the grammar quiz that gives you an amazing 100% no matter how you answer the questions.  Just so you’ll share the link to social media and perpetuate their advertising stream.

I purposefully did NOT include any active links to these advertising ploys.  Not really to be frustrating.  But I didn’t want any spontaneous clicks to other hit whores out on the internet.

Current Knitting

I am down to my last color stripe on the Interlocking Crochet Scarf.

Interlocking Crochet Scarf 03-31-20 01

Interlocking Crochet Scarf 03-31-20 02

It’s going to end up being about 6.5″ wide and about 5′ long after blocking.  Blocking helps even out my pathetic crochet stitching a lot.

I’ve also added some length to the latest Chevron Striped Scarf.

Chevron Striped Scarf 03-31-20 01

It’s a good sign when I like the colorway better and better as it grows. So, I’m hopeful about this scarf being a success.


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